14 Useful Social Media Tips For Authors

14 Useful Social Media Tips For Authors

quick tips crossword puzzleTip 1. Every platform is not the same. Facebook has a great relationship and website-hits builder. With Twitter, it supports you to reach a great deal of new readers if you follow people frequently. Instagram and Pinterest are beneficial for brand building. For Goodreads, it can support you to build community effectively when you devote your time to invest in it.

Tip 2. Also, with some useful tools, Bufferapp.com and TweetDeck.com, you can save your time.

Tip 3. Variety of Facebook posts carry out in various ways:

Pictures are favorable for engagement and shares, just not always for click thrus.
Link posts are good for creating hits on the sites.
General updates are better for questions and feedback.

Tip 4. Make the headlines work hard. Headlines that can ask questions then get answers in the comments. Headlines that can tease to get clicks.

Tip 5. Tag people that you want to mention in your posts. It is good for getting more people to discover your posts.

Tip 6. Improve your pictures. For the needs of visual images, you can apply Picmonkey.com or Canva.com to make more exciting.

Tip 7. It asks to have an engagement in your sites to answer all comments and notifications to attract the audiences. When you have time, of course! I distribute about 30 minutes at the beginning of the day for getting back to people.14 Must-Do Social Media Tips For Authors 2

Tip 8. Keep positive and excited. It is easy for people to read between the lines. We can see that real excitement is infectious.

Tip 9. Notice to keep Tweets less than about100 characters if you can. Keep it short and meaningful!

Tip 10. Tease others or inspire their curiosity by asking if they know or want to see, or can guess.

Tip 11. Tweet the similar content again. It’s known as Evergreen content. Intertwist it again!

Tip 12. Have a try for some short videos. You can do a lot of things just in 30 seconds.

See BookTrailers4You for your reference. Most of them were made by us for $99. If you have a great passion about creativity, do not hesitate to try Instagram or Vine video clips made by yourself.

Tip 13. Create a blog to expand your book online. Write posts connected to your book and use images, of course. With some more advice on blogging for writers click here.

Tip 14. Take part in writing groups on Facebook to find advice and support. In order to join our author group click here.

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