3 Easy Tips to Get a Free Facebook Ad Coupon

Whether there is such a thing as free advertising?

It can be understandable if you’re more or less doubtful about this. After all, advertisements really rake in money. Thus, it’s natural for them to be paid. But, for a company really wanting to start advertising around the internet, sometimes, a small initial push needed. This also holds true for individual merchants, maybe even more as they have it more difficult.

The sainted internet triplet of Facebook, Google and Bing has always taken care of starting businesses and encouraged them to get advertising with such a little push. The advertising credits that those three offer are in the form of coupons, between $25 and $100 in most cases.

There are certainly the logical limitations to coupon usage. You can only use one coupon per account. Besides, you can’t endlessly receive new coupons and just use them. Restrictions are introduced to prevent misconduct. But, even a small coupon for a couple of bucks can become a great help.

In this article, I’ll leave Google and Bing aside and just concentrate on the Facebook ads coupon and some tips and tricks on how to get one. It’s actually quite easy that is you just have to keep your watch to not get scammed if you’re obtaining one via a third party.

Getting a free ad coupon on Facebook can occur in three ways as following:

– Obtaining one from Facebook themselves

– Obtaining one by major hosting companies

– Obtaining one by third party (resellers mostly)

Getting a Facebook ad coupon from Facebook

Well, it is certainly that the best way in order to get a Facebook ad coupon would be with the support of Facebook. It has a far less opportunity for you to get you scammed by some shady reseller. Facebook has actually a powerful interest for companies and people wanting to advertise on the social media as you might guess. Let’s see if they help you out with $30, then, you’ll return these with even one small advertising campaign later when you have extended your reach.

Thus, what do you have to do as you have reached out to the Facebook marketing team and chatted with them about a very quick and easy Facebook ad coupon? If they found you eligible for this small gift, then, you have two ways to proceed.

If you are a complete newbie and you haven’t yet advertised in Facebook, thus, what you should do as below:

– You should use the Ad Create Tool in order to create an ad.

– After that, you click Place Order. Then, a menu box will appear and allow you have the option of adding a coupon.

– Later, you choose the Facebook Ad Coupon option and enter your coupon code. You also need to include the primary payment method of your account for ease in the future.

These three steps are very essential for you once you’ve gained the precious coupon. If you are an “old dog” and you have already advertised on the most well-known social media, then you can do so again by:

– Opening the Payment Methods zone in your ads manager, located under the Billing section.

– After that, clicking on the Add New Payment Method option at the top right of your screen.

– Finally, choosing Facebook Ad Coupon and clicking Continue.

Check your hosting supplier for a Facebook ad coupon

Hosting companies host many giveaways and as an entire encourage advertising on key search engines and social media. If you are hooked to a main hosting company (GoDaddy and HostGator, for example), it has a high opportunity it’s giving out a free Facebook ad coupon.

You can look at their features, services or send them an e-mail in order to require for yourself. Then, redeeming a Facebook ad coupon operates in the same way that I described in advance.

Buying an ad coupon from a third party (reseller)

A great deal of reselling or service-based websites might offer you free ad coupons. For instance, from eBay to Fiverr or other deal websites, though, there is a need that you have to be very careful. Remember to check for the reputation of the seller for you might be got an expired coupon that doesn’t really work as you wish. As Facebook themselves note, there are some reasons to find out (but, not all!) why your coupon won’t be added to your account:

– Firstly, the coupon code is invalid or has expired

– Secondly, the code has been already used

– Thirdly, in case a coupon has a certain number of uses, so, this number has already been reached

As you can guess, by buying an ad coupon of a third party website (not Facebook or your hosting supplier) there is a risk that you can be rejected by the system due to any of these above reasons. That’s the reason why I advise you to have a try of this option if you haven’t succeeded in getting a coupon from Facebook or your hosting company.

Well, a free advertising coupon in Facebook is seen as the first step towards your advertising strategy. Though, no matter how electrifying it might feel, make sure to use it for the best. The real struggle has already started from this moment on. Your duty is just to go ahead and think of your marketing strategy using this small gift as your stepping stone. Facebook is offering you this chance because they know if you have the vision, you’ll reap your profits and also reinvest in them a multiple amount of what they began you with!

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