3 Free OnlyWire Alternatives That You Need To Have A Try

It might be pure hell in managing your content. This rings particularly true in case you have spread your presence on all social media. Simply, just imagine that the effort required in order to submit content and follow a strict schedule as you have to take care of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and sure, even LinkedIn, why not. It’s really a huge effort, and there is no doubt about that.

Therefore, it is the reason why automation can be a great advantage in these cases. Indeed, there are many different types of automation tools suitable to support you up with submitting your content. OnlyWire is prominent as one of the most distinguished names in the niche. It is a small, quick tool that allows you to post as much as 50 profiles, especially, only with a click.

What about the downside?

Yes, you guessed correctly, it’s the price. OnlyWire, while a really valuable asset, can be costly for desiring small businesses or small entrepreneurs. The good part is that it has a free OnlyWire alternative. Well, let me correct myself, there are factually rather a few OnlyWire alternatives.


You shouldn’t get intimidated by the steep subscriptions of this tool, remember that. DLVR.IT has a free option that permits you to manage as well as post to altogether 5 feeds, 3 social pages and 3 profiles that are found on social media. This might seem as a small OnlyWire alternative, however, for someone who wants to start out, it is a great help.

Moreover, the tool is very easy to navigate and use later. It is intuitive, free and simple in terms of setting up. You should weigh in giving this a spin since it is a really solid free OnlyWire alternative.


There’s a great chance you might be confused to peek at IFTTT. “Put the internet to work for you!” – Well, what does it mean?

IFTTT follows a simple setup process, basically. You configure it to do something if you yourself do something first. For their example, they have used IFTTT. If the user has posted the said image on Instagram first, IFTTT should save an image on Dropbox

However, how does it help you in your pursuit of proper content management as well as submission?

It is so easy; just configure IFTTT to work as an OnlyWire alternative by setting up the steps properly. There are a lot of ways for you to do that and most of them depend on the way you organize your social media presence. IFTTT might seem to be far off a free OnlyWire alternative, but it is truly an alternative to many things comprising OnlyWire.


Straightly, TrafficGeyser is not a free alternative to OnlyWire. But, it has something very valuable, for instance, a 21-day trial for $1.

Although this tool isn’t a long term solution, it is really the perfect software for trying things out or extending at a later stage. TrafficGeyser, in comparison, has more built-in features than setting up IFTTT or utilizing deliver it. Its price is rather steep later on, however, it has no meaning  that you can’t give it a spin for 3 weeks, does it?

In these 3 weeks, who knows, you might experience such growth due to managed content carefully that you mightn’t need a free OnlyWire alternative any longer…

Whatever your choice is, it is important to always remember that you can experiment with some free alternatives before you venture into a paid version (if you do that at all). Both DLVR.IT and IFTTT are a bit limited compared with the “real deal”, so, they are just enough for beginning companies and entrepreneurs/social marketers ready for testing some strategies. Thus, go ahead and don’t hesitate to try them out!

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