3 Tips for Keeping a Professional Twitter Profile

Twitter is known as the perfect way to keep conversations short and also stay in line with the latest world trends across the web. With this platform, everyone can hashtag everything and express what’s on their mind. In my recent posts, I’ve already discussed the more casual side of this social media. Nevertheless, I still haven’t touched the topic of professionalism in Twitter.

Well, what I mean is the concept that Twitter is yet another efficient way to promote yourself, network and link with business partners or prospective clients on your life journey. Or, if you’re in the field of entertainment industry, it is really beneficial for you to keep your YouTube channel, Patreon, Twitch channel and many other platforms going by engaging your audience in a concise way.

Social media is very various when you use it for professional matters instead for casual networking and sharing what’s on your mind. Some totally new rules apply when you’re being more on the serious side – or else, it might be you are risking your professional image.

So, how would you go in order to maintain a more confident and flashy yet not too dry-toned Twitter profile? These my three rules to be a true modern day professional on Twitter.

Design your name and design your profile

Now, let’s see if you are going the professional route in social media, it’s ok that you can forget about nicknames and playing around with funny ways to present yourself. You have a right to either sign up with your real name, use an initial instead of your family name (Charlie D. instead of Charlie Dean, for example) or you also can combine the industry that you’re running in with your name (WebDevCharlie).

It is the same for your profile picture and cover image in Twitter. It would be for the greatest if you can manage to match these and introduce a shared theme, both with color and message. With a professional Twitter profile, it makes image expression a bit more conservative and restricted, but there isn’t mean you have to be bland and boring. This is just experimental ground; thus, make sure to try out many different ways to present yourself. Well, just don’t make your cover photo and profile picture too cluttered and intricate. You should remember that you just want to engage, not aim to confuse people who look at your Twitter profile.

Interact with tactfulness

Professional interaction is a concept holding a lot of meanings. In order to be a professional in the way you converse in Twitter means it is a must that you have to follow news in your industry and network with industry gurus, for example. But, it also means you have to maintain a more serious and business as tone in all your communication. These things such as swearing, random useless facts of the day and also not-so-mature shares are good to go as you’re using Twitter casually, but you have to fly out of the social media window if you really wish to keep your image.

This might sound a bit restricting, I see. But, it’s really difficult to combine casual and business tone successfully, particularly in certain industries. So, you can always have a choice of two profiles and alternate between them, or have your Facebook profile for more casual conversations. It doesn’t mean I am telling you to forget about being personal and outgoing, but the point I want to mention is you now have to think about how to formulate your thoughts and present them to others. Obviously, you never know who’s watching your profile and how it can influence your career.

Manage your content as a pro

It is all fun in managing a Twitter account if you’re doing it casually. It’s totally different as we’re talking about business and playing a role as a part of an industry. The hashtags are used to look out for, people to follow and discussions to lead. You can see that Twitter is a noisy platform and it is very easy for you to get lost in the said noise.

Avoiding being overwhelmed in the pool of such information and remain intact with your industry, you can use some apps or tools. TweetDeck ( https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/ ) is a good example for you to have a reference; even the app’s tagline is “Start tweeting like a pro”. TweetDeck is really invaluable for the aim of organizing your hashtags, tracking your interests, attracting people and content as a whole and engaging with your own followers in a better way as well.

Becoming more professional in Twitter can come with its positive and negative sides. I myself found out that, LinkedIn is best for professional needs and Twitter and Facebook are fit well for casual conversations.

Therefore, you can choose how to use different social media and what image that you construct of yourself there to achieve your certain goal, it’s up to you! Just make sure that if you’re choosing the pro way, keep in your mind that you’ll be sticking to it to the end. Otherwise it’s a rather waste of your effort and time. With the three tips and tricks that I have just mentioned in this article, I honestly hope that they are useful for you to keep on track with social media professionalism. Good luck to you!

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