4 Important Tips for a Very Successful Profile on the Facebook

Tip 1:  Remember to type your text just next to the like and comment

As you can see, Magic Updates is known as a built-in application having an advantage for adding text on the status updates which are next to the like and comments keys as well.  By adding an application from “http://apps.facebook.com/statusmagic/”, it allows you to do all of these. It is asked for posting it on the wall, and then you can write it in the desired box for Update your status or with whatever phrase that you want to post on the wall and also in the desired box. Just pressing the action button, it may allow you to see the message your status has been updated with the desired action button, or you may notice for “View your profile to see it in action”. So, very simple for your needs done.

Tip 2:  Design your Facebook profile to a really attractive nice looking page

We all know that ultimately, Facebook has delivered what every Facebook user was expecting, for example, it has the ability to turn the profile from your Facebook account into a very business oriented page, and as a result, it attracts more likes from the Facebook friends.

With Facebook, it is really easy to turn the personal pages of the use into pages looking more professional just by applying new profile page Migration Tool. Thus, by choosing http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php?migrate, you can migrate to the desired page. However, you should be careful not to convert your profile just for testing or just for fun for the reason that there is no turning back option that is available to reproduce the original one, so very notice for that. Hence, if looking for more like, it is no need to worry since you can turn the friend’s page into a more potential fan based page, and also, it is unnecessary to start to switch over to the new page with few Likes.

It is seen that many friends are turned into new Friend’s page, or turned into Likes whilst the images which is posted on the profile will still remain unchanged. The whole contents that are flashed on your profile are not transferred since Facebook has not yet provided any such facility to perform. There are possibilities for the user who could select the contents to be transferred to the targeted new page, however. Let’s see, if you are among the users wanting to convert the profile page, you then are required to make a backup for the profile in order to get the data back.4 Important Tips for a Very Successful Profile on the Facebook

Tip 3:  Keep in your mind that it is better to turn off sound for the new messages on chat window

It is found that the sound of receiving new chat message often disturbs the user. So, to avoid it, you can mute the volume of your computer, however, just simply turn off the volume from the chat settings window for it is better. In this way, it provides you a better silent environment for your work. Obviously, this proves to be very useful and helpful as someone is watching some video or playing game and the alerts for messages bother the user.

Tip 4:  Finally, it is better to secure your profile data through Backup

It is really better that you can maintain a fresh backup for your profile data from time to time for the aim of getting a better service availability. You can see that Facebook very facilitates its user by permitting the user to download a fresh copy of the profile data on local computer. About the information in such download data, it can be included:

  • The profile information comprising contact information, also the interests found and groups, etc.
  • In addition, contents and wall posts, videos and pictures uploaded.
  • Moreover, about life of friends and the notes created
  • Furthermore, there are also events, messages sent or received and the comments as well.

How can you download the information?

On your account, you just click on the settings page, and then, you click on more information. So, it is very simple, as you can see.


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