5 Easy Steps For Taking Beautiful Instagram Photos

5 Easy Steps For Taking Beautiful Instagram Photos-compressed

Do you like to take photos?

Well, you certainly love to do this since it is seen as the signal of our tech generation. We just have a look at Instagram, it is easy to see there are up to millions of photos constantly being uploaded on it. It has become the way in somehow to express yourself as well as engage with others.

So, let me bring it a bit further for you to get in detail. Do you like the opinion of taking spectacular photos?

Now, it becomes trickier. An amazing photo requires a bit more than only clicking a button, then quickly uploading an image in Instagram. Although we’re reaching the time of automation with all those tech gadgets and apps, some things will remain just the same. Art, for example, is one of them.

A great image is truly recognized as art. In this post, I will tell you some tips and tricks on how to take amazingly beautiful photos to create positive effect on your Instagram followers.

Lesson 1: Remember to use your phone camera when taking the photos

Many people have been talking about this and I absolutely agree with them. Therefore, it is the reason why I’m listing this Instagram lesson on the first place.

Well, for the sake of beauty, you should not ever use the Instagram app camera when taking photos. It’s just a very basic device with honestly limited opportunities. Remember to fire up your iPhone camera and enhance the medium in which you’ll be taking the shot. Particularly, with the coming of the new iPhone 6, you’ll want to do this, then import the image whenever opening Instagram. Really, there is no comparison between the quality of your Smartphone’s camera and the primitive Instagram one.

Lesson 2: Consider the square

Instagram is popular for the square shape framing all of the images shown on the social media. I hope that you’ve done as my first advice and are taking all your photos with the fancier iPhone camera.

When you do like this, by all means remember that you’ll be cropping the current image and compelling it into a 1×1 dimensional square. By structuring the image composition and present elements in such a way, it ensures they won’t be left out when you decide to import the image to Instagram.

I’ve seen many great chances becoming wasted since someone has forgotten about this one. Therefore, it would be really wise that you mind the square at each time you have a click to the camera button and capture a wonderful moment.

Lesson 3: Know thoroughly both light and angles

It is necessary for you to recognize the vital importance of both the light of your environment and theoretical angles. Imagine that if you use both of these at the same time, as a result, you’ll have an abstract, just out-of-the-box (but, it is not the square!).

Honestly, many awful images are uploaded to Instagram. Almost these photos are either taken in a poor light environment or snapped within the most cliché, boring style bringing nothing new to the visual table.

In y opinion, I’d recommend that you should have a thirst; a thirst of unusual light and shades. For abstract, the unconventional angles help you look at the object that you wish to photograph.  It needs the confidence to break the set rules and stand out from the rest.

It is not a static task for taking a photo. As I mention before, it’s completely an art. When you move both your mind and body, it leads you in seeking new challenges.

Lesson 4: Don’t single photos out, but make an image combination

Sometimes, it isn’t enough lure with just one photo. You see an entire story, a certain sequence, and then you wish to share it with your audience. You can’t simply that you just cut it and leave it imperfect. Or perhaps you want to display a before/after effect of something you stumbled upon.

By combining several photos into one, it is seen as a smooth way to tell the specific image story.  Additionally, you can expand on it and deliver something unconventional to your followers. Fortunately, there are a numbers of applications such as Frame Magic and Diptic. With their support, you can take advantages to craft outstanding collages as well as combined images.

Lesson 5: Be in the know of your filters

The advantage is that Instagram has a variety of filters.

The disadvantage that is sometimes people seem to select the incorrect filters for an initially perfect shot, therefore they ruin it.

What is the aim of the shot that you’ve taken? What message and emotions do you wish to inspire in your picture? Whether it is a landscape evoking calmness, peace and tranquility, or do you desire the same landscape to appear mysterious, a bit aggressive or even scary?

With a single filter, it can completely change the intention of your photo. Thus, it is a need to think about which filter would be the best way to pin the feeling you wish to convey before you slap one across your work of art.

From: http://socialmediamarketing.tips

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