5 features of 3d pen you should look before buying

5 features of 3d pen you should look before buying

The world is moving fast along with the many technologies which put efforts in making our day-to-day life easy.  3D printing technology is one of the most popular technology invented some years ago and now many companies already started developing 3D pens. 3D technology are made for reduce human efforts. With the help of 3D printing pens, you can draw according to your imagination. The Lix smart 3d pen has a tag of best 3D pen in market.

3D printing pens uses FDM (Fused Deposit Modeling) technology. Photopolymer is a special ink ejected through a nozzle of the pen in the form of liquid, which gets thicker under the UV rays. Nozzle of the pen does not get heated. Some smartest 3D pen works with the plastic filaments instated of ink, and they have ability of work on any type of surface. This is safe for all anyone can use it.

So, let’s see some of the most important features of 3D printing pen you should check before buying it.

  1. Operating temperature range

As I mentioned above 3D pens uses some special inks like Photopolymer which comes through a nozzle of the pen in the form of liquid. Because of this sometime pen gets heated in few minutes therefore you should not go for this kind of pen. If you go for this you have to work for few minutes and then take a pause till the temperature of the pen gets low and then start remaining work, this might be time consuming. A good 3D pen has large operating temperature range. For your efficiency you have to check this term before buying a 3D pen.

  1. Cooling time

Heating concept is basic term on which 3D pen works. For melting plastic filaments and gives flexibility to shape it 3D pens works on this heating concept. 3D pens somewhat get heated but the cooling down point should be minimum. Some ideal pens have less cooling down time like lix smart 3D pen. You have to go for these types of 3D pens. If cooling time of a pen is too much then you will have to wait frequently while working. This can decrease productivity level. It is important while working to achieve your goal. Therefore one should have to read all the specifications carefully of the 3D pen before buying it.

  1. Surface compatibility

You may use various types of surfaces according to your drawing designs, that time 3D pen should be able to operate on the surface as per your wish. Before buying 3D pen you have to read its specifications very carefully in order to use it as your requirements.

  1. Time required for Plastic coming out of pen

3D pens processing inside to melt plastic filament, after that these plastic filaments ejected through a nozzle of the pen in the form of liquid. You should have the knowledge about heating up the pen and the time of the plastic coming out of it. If plastic gets heated more, original color of that filament also gets changed and the output resulted in weird. If you fails to judge this time of plastic coming out of pen, then you will also fails to get desired output. So I will definitely advise you that, before buying 3D printing pen don’t go only through the specifications read other peoples review too. Now-a-days many companies are struggling to give that ideal time of plastic emanation.

  1. Warranty

Warranty is not a new concept to all of us. It is an important factor not only related to 3D printing pens also any other device. Most of the companies provide this policy. Some manufacturing companies offers warranty in the form of repairing or replacement. Choose among them is up to you only. One should give more important to the warranty term especially in the case of 3D pens. I strongly recommended you to read all the warranty related details or information carefully before buying 3D printing pen. If some defect is detected in 3D pen one can avail replacement within the given warranty time.

These tips will help you to find and buy a best 3d pen in the market.


User should be careful while buying 3D pen. Above mentioned points are very important and you have to keep in mind. To get desired output you also need some certain level of skills and creativity.



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