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Aiwis Review

Aiwis Review – A Brand New “human” Intelligence site app talks visitors in to action

A brand new “Artificial Intelligence” site software has just launched, and boy, I have never ever seen anything quite like this before.
It is almost like having a real life human talking to your visitors.

With just a tiny bit of copy & paste code, your site or landing page is transformed in to a “Almost human” speaking machine that can deliver any audio message to your site visitor that you ask it to.

>>>See it in action here

It is called AIWIS & it automatically “knows” your visitors name, then asks them questions which are related to the actions they take on the website.

Every time the visitor returns, they can easily be asked a different question so no message is ever repeated twice.
So how does AIWIS perform its magic?

It uses an ingenious combination of text to speech & cookies, so the owner of the website can create messages using short codes which are transcribed in to spoken audio.

These include:

[local time]
[time last visited]
[admins name]

…and that is just to start off.

AIWIS is highly engaging, it is a totally unique concept, and it is a tool that you can use to send entirely customized messages to build a strong relationship between your visitor & the site owner.

It is super easy to set up – just type in what you want it to say, then copy & paste some code on your webpage.

You really need to see this incredible tool in action to appreciate just how much it can assist your business stand out and make sales.

Imagine how great it’ll feel to stand out from the boring ‘me too’ marketers & have something that will totally WOW your visitor all the way to the sale.

Click here to see AIWIS in action & grab it now, before your competition beats you & you get left lagging behind, wishing you had acted when you had the chance.

Aiwis Review And Overview

  • Creator: Craig Crawford
  • Product: Aiwis
  • Release Date: 2017-Jun-14
  • Release Time: 9.00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $47
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: Video

What Is AIWIS?

“Artiticial Intelligence Website Interaction System” It sounds complicated… And creating AIWIS was… But now he is alive & kicking, setting him to work could not be easier.
1. Somebody clicks a link from an email you have sent, or from a FB post or ad.
2. AIWIS looks up your visitors’ info that’s freely passed on via your Autoresponder or FB account.
3. AIWIS greets your new visitor by name the moment they arrive, then proceeds to carry out your instructions for them.

Build More Engagement. With AIWIS you can personalize your marketing & build a fun relationship directly with your site visitors, keeping them engaged & moving through your website, your content & your sales funnel.

Get Better Results. The attention AIWIS brings sites is everything, but it is just the beginning because once AIWIS has your prospects attention he goes to work on making more sales, capturing more leads & even getting more shares for your content.

Deep Funnel And Content AIWIS remembers! He remembers the last time your clients visited, or if they have never visited at all. And he can direct them to the best content & offers available for them, including one-time offers & special offers that’re time-limited depending on their personal location & time zone!

Multiple Marketing Messages: AIWIS is super-intelligent, he knows your visitors do not all want to see the same content. He isn’t a pop up that’ll annoy the hell out of people by doing the same thing each time they visit. Instead, depending on who they’re & what they NEED to know, you can make AIWIS change up his marketing message to impress, entertain & drive action.

Enhance Your Brand With ‘AIWIS’s Visitor Support: It is easy for AIWIS to direct visitors to your support channels if that is what you want him to do… and it is all the small personalized touches like this that’ll create a massive WOW FACTOR & build your brand & reputation overnight.

AIWIS Will Make Your Site His Home, But There is No Software To Download Or Install.

Inserting AIWIS to your family is as easy as copying & pasting a script into your site, or WordPress installation.

It is easy, it is instant, it is AIWIS

Give AIWIS his body – Log in to our AIWIS creator. Select the face you want AIWIS to have, then select his voice, there’re male, female, adult & children’s voices to select from, and then select your language from our extensive language database.

Give AIWIS his personality – this is where you will get to create the personalized messages you want AWAIS to deliver.

Give AIWIS his orders – By copying & pasting simple shortcodes you can set up individual tasks for AIWIS to carry out. It is super easy to do. You simple type your message, and insert short codes for specific actions & AIWIS comes to life.

And when you have got him up & running, AIWIS makes your website give you more:

AIWIS Gets You More Engagement
With AIWIS on your team, you can easily turn visitors into fans, fans into followers & followers into your own personal cult. With AIWIS always helpfully pointing out your best content & guiding new visitors around your website, you are in full control of the customer experience.

AIWIS Gets You More Leads
You do not have to rely on your visitors noticing your opt-in form any more. AIWIS can ask them to sign up personally. And when your website is already referring to them by name… well, what do they have to lose?

AIWIS Gets You More Sales
Imagine being able to deliver a different sales pitch to your clients based on where they came from. AIWIS can do that. Imagine being able to draw a client’s attention instantly to a special offer that is appeared since the last time they browsed your site. AIWIS can do that too.

Take A Look Inside AIWIS At His Powerful Engagement Features

AIWIS-HQ! As the admin you get to decide on the flow of the messages & offers the your visitors see & hear based on their activities on your site.

AIWIS-DO! Control what AIWIS does with simple short codes & copy & paste ease.

AIWIS Interactive! AIWIS mightn’t be much in the body department, but you have got a selection of male & female faces to select from to capture the attention of your market & make AIWIS your own.

AIWIS Mobile! AIWIS works on mobile & tablet just as well as he does on desktop. So wherever your traffic’s coming from, AIWIS is ready to engage.

AIWIS Speak! Select from a selection of childlike voices & adult voices in both Male & Female to give AIWIS real character.

AIWIS Fashionista! Set AIWIS’s colour scheme to match your branded in just clicks.

AIWIS Goes Native! Select from an extensive language database and ensure AIWIS charms your audience in their native tongue.

AIWIS Collects! Set AIWIS to ask for the name & email of your audience, and he’ll insert them directly to your autoresponder & keep a copy in your AIWIS program.

AIWIS Shhhh! Maybe AIWIS is NSFW or maybe your visitor has a migraine, if that is the case then they have a simple control for mute AIWIS, (… and unmute him too when they feel bad!)

AIWIS Repeat! AIWIS has lots of vital info to pass on & offers to sell, so he makes it easy for your site visitors to repeat anything they might have missed.

AIWIS Sells! Set up 1-click special offers for AIWIS to sell for you, and then allow him to get to work!

AIWIS Knows Best! AIWIS never forgets a face (or an IP address!) so he always knows who has visited, from where & what pages they last visited, and you can harness this info to make your clients viewing experience personal, memorable & we hope VERY profitable.

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