AMZScout Review


Hi. sorry for my English. My experience in using Amazon analysis programs can be called extreme. Our product search step was: 40 days of hard work, two people (including me), 2 computers & search for the first product to run on Amazon from 7 am to 10 pm with occasional lunch breaks. We used Google Chrome extension versions of the programs Unicorn Smasher, AmzScout, Jungle Scout. The accuracy of the data wasn’t checked, since its first product at the production stage.

We started with Unicorn Smasher. Just want to say thanks to the developers of this app for a free, useful extension. If the criterion of free-of-charge is your priority, then the US will undoubtedly give you almost all the information necessary for analysis. That’s all. Compared with its competitors, it’s too simple & uncomfortable. The main disadvantages of Unicorn Smasher:

– the impossibility of working directly with the listing of the seller. It shows results only after entering the keyword into the search in the category. Only the whole list.
– there is no information about weight of item
– there is no information about the beginning of the sales date of the item.

Next was AmzScout. Looking ahead I’ll say that in my opinion the best, fastest & most informative of all three used in practice. It was a sober & reasoned comparison in his favor that prompted me to write this review. I will write about it at the very end.

The last one was Jungle Scout. Experience-8 days. After actively using AmzScout, Jungle Scout seemed like an interesting product. Beautiful, stylish interface. All the main indicators are shown, but it works slower than AmzScout.

In general …. The main disadvantages of Jungle Scout:

– slows down the system too much.
– there is no information about the sales start date of an item.
– does not provide Amazon page information, for example “Today´s Deals”, etc.
– does not work well with electronics & some other categoríes – it does not show sales, revenues, ranks, while AMZScout do.
– does not provide several pages at the same time as AMZScout do, so you can not analize all brands of a product together.
– user interface is not good, too uncofortable to use, does not fit in one page, you can not overview all data at once.
– as for chance score – you just see it yourself based on number of reviews & number of competitors & sales, so it’s quite unuseful.
– etc.

AmzScout. It’s omnivorous. It analyzes everything that is shown on a page. Swallows & analyzes promotional products. It shows better speed. It shows all the possible and important indicators for me. All the main disadvantages of its competitors were identified in comparison with it. Personally, in a concrete & close comparison, I think that AmzScout is much more useful and provides better data for research. I chose it.

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