Content Marketing: How to Choose Topics Delivering Serious ROI

Content marketing is knows as an investment requiring both thoughtful strategy and careful planning. However, when it’s done right, it’s clearly dollar for dollar the most extremely cost-effective way in order to generate new leads and gain loyal customers. Let’s consider these facts:

  • Firstly, generating a lead by content marketing just costs 38 percent less than traditional marketing.
  • Secondly, per dollar, content marketing produces up to three times more leads than paid search marketing.
  • Thirdly, in fact, 60 percent of people look for a product after reading content about it.

Still, it doesn’t necessarily mean that success comes from producing more content. In this case, success comes from the magical mix of creating the right content with the right amount.

Having a choice of the right content

When creating something and you know that your audience finds it valuable and engaging, it ignites a dialogue. Thus, from there, with your skillful manner, you can turn this dialogue into business results. It is the reason why the best content topics can completely produce the greatest business results, or the best ROI.

You can identify the greatest ROI-producing topics for your company by creating a specific list of target. Then, you can score each topic by volume and value.

Some following steps will show you how to do it:

Remember that before you write down a single topic, you should ask yourself: “What issue or question will my content help solve?”. Next, brainstorm a list of topics supporting your answer. Then, narrow your list down to choose what you think the best. Thus, from here, it’s time for you to score each topic by volume and value.

Scoring volume and value

After cutting the list down to topics that your audience will find most valuable, you should pull out the most powerful topics through scoring each according to volume (for example, for audience reach) and value (for example, for benefit to your business).

Step 1: Gather

Gathering all supporting data associated with your topics, comprising the number of people who appear to be interested in or find the topic or keywords useful. The potential data sources comprise:

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  • Searching keywords and keyword phrases that people used to visit your site
  • Collecting keywords from your internal search data
  • Having a review of topics from your Twitter feed
  • Analyzing themes from your customer support inquiries

Step 2: Organize

Now, you can input all of this data into a spreadsheet. It is useful for you to notice common themes and topics surface. You should make a list of these themes and topics, also comprising their popularity.

Step 3: Prioritize and cut

This step will support you identify each reach of the topic. From data on your new list, you should see the number of people being interested in or finding a topic useful. Notice that the greater the number, the higher the potential reach of the topic. After prioritizing your list, you should cut it down further by just keeping topics with the highest potential revenue.

Step 4: Check

Gleaning your topic list further by just keeping topics matching your overall marketing strategy. Well, do you wish more top of the funnel visitors coming in, or do you wish to upsell existing customers? Perhaps, you have a wish to optimize for the top of the funnel, then, nurture leads with engagement tactics as email capture.

That’s right, this process takes work. And, you’ll be thankful you did it because you’ll finish up with a strong list of topics that will help your marketing and business goals, keep you on track, and also save resources. However, it is just the starting…

You now have a list of ROI-producing topics. So, you have to strategize clearly in what way that you’ll create the content…

Then, it is a need for you to get it out to your audience. This is the stage where most of us stumble.

Where most content marketers go wrong

A lot of content marketers spend too much time on creating content and not enough time on planning and strategizing its distribution. Thus, you finish up with a great blog or video failed to be seen.

It’s both deflating and bad for business. What about distribution? It is known that distribution is how you get your content out to your audience, thus, you can engage them and lastly turn them into customers.

In similarity of choosing ROI-producing content topics, we see that distribution is in need of a strong content marketing strategy. However, most content marketers don’t have one, which partly gives an explanation why six out of 10 ones feel disappointed with their results.

The bottom line is before writing a single blog post; you should put together a content marketing strategy first.

Fortunately, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. For the support of creating a stellar strategy from content creation to distribution, please download your free copy of The Sure-Fire Strategy of Content Marketer for Success ebook here.How to Choose Topics Delivering Serious ROI1-compressed

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