6 Ways to Show the Love in Your Valentine’s Day Email Marketing

6 Ways to Show the Love in Your Valentine’s Day Email Marketing 4/3

Did you know that last year, Americans spent $20 billion on Valentine’s Day? Not million – BILLION! It’s clear that we have a certain affinity for all things red, pink, and full of hearts! So how do companies capitalize on the big day of love in the year? Whether you are promoting a new product or just saying thanks, Valentine’s Day could be the perfect holiday to make a splash through Valentine’s Day email marketing. Here are 6 quick tips to make your emails stand out on the official day of love. Show some love to your customers & you may even get some love ReplyTap !

1 – Craft a Killer Subject Line

The heart is the gateway to the soul, the subject line is the gateway to email engagement. “The best subject lines tell what is inside, and the worst subject lines sell what is inside.” – Take that advice to heart when you are writing your subject line and think beyond a simple. “Happy Valentine’s Day” or “Save 15% on Valentine’s Day” title. A few ideas we love from Experian include subject lines that suggest gift ideas, include personalized greetings & use specific words like “sweet”. In fact, they are not just good ideas, they’re proven to work!

2 – Get Social on Socials

Social media was made for a day holidays, because it was made for organic, real-time interaction with your audiences. Kick off your Valentine’s Day marketing campaign with an email & then keep things going on social media with fun love-themed gifs, hashtags, or interactive games. Not only is social media a good complement to pair up with email marketing, its changing state can help you develop brand awareness on a daily, or even hourly basis.


3 – Get Creative

From homemade cards to custom-made mixtapes, some of the good ways people show love on Valentine’s Day is through their creativity. Tap into that artistic spirit & think outside the box for your own Valentine’s Day email campaign:

Send out an email on February 13 with messaging that targets these procrastinators who still have not picked up a gift. Give them ideas on how to save the day on this national day of love & they will surely come back to you again.

  • Add in a few fun images, gifs / videos that will draw readers in and grab their attentions. Make your email interactive with countdown times / personalized content.
  • Valentine’s Day is not a favorite foreveryone – some people even prefer to change this holiday’s name to “Singles Awareness Day.” Throw an anti-love party for all the “lonely hearts” out there & make your email marketing decidedly anti-love! Or take a cue from Leslie Knope on Parks & Recreation & celebrate “Galentine’s Day!”

4 – Embrace the Gender Divide

Men & women celebrate Valentine’s Day very differently. While women often see it as an opportunity to shower & be showered by love, men often see it as a day full of pressure to do the right thing for significant other. Keep that in mind when you are sending out email marketing campaigns around February 14 & segment your subscriber list so you can send targeted messages customized for every group. Women may want to see emails that make them feel warm & fuzzy while men may need to you get right to the point & give them some practical ideas on how they can get a present fast & easy!

5 – Ask Your Customers, Will You Be My Valentine?

Maybe there is not a direct correlation between Valentine’s Day and your product – that does not give you an excuse to slack off on February 14. Instead of trying to promote yourself, why not take the chance to share the love with your current customers? You have got the perfect excuse to show appreciation! Remember these silly Mickey Mouse paper valentines you got from other students in elementary school? The best part was the candy that came with it! Show them some love & they’ll keep coming back.


6 – Show Love to Get Love

What is the best way to convince people to buy your product? Give them a reason to! Give them a compelling offer they cannot refuse. Valentine’s Day can give you the perfect chance to convert email subscribers into full-blown customers by offering them a little treats to sweeten the deal. Here’re a few examples of how you could connect Valentine’s Day with your product marketing plan:

  • Free express shipping – perfect for those last-minute shoppers
  • Free gifts / other added goodies

Not pushing the typical jewelry, flower, chocolate products / in the biz of selling romance? You can still capitalize on Valentine’s Day by connecting email subscribers to the brand through themes related to February 14. Take a look at how Audible leveraged the Valentines theme in their email marketing & made a compelling offer by offering a free download.


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