How to design a better non-blog wordpress site      

WordPress has far exceeded its done in advance make use of as a blogging platform as many website landlords have been making use of it for non-blog websites. And it’s not taking by surprise that so many are revolving to WordPress, even if they do not blog. There are a lot of appealing advantages for the average website landlord who wants to make use of WordPress for non-blog site of them, involving the capacity to:

  • To keep away the cost of a custom create
  • To add up or modify content and pages without having any coding experience
  • To incorporate photos and graphics simple, while being enable to modify the size and placement
  • To bypass the need for a standalone FTP program
  • To alter the theme simple
  • To make use of plugins that take advanced functionality simple

It’s not always as easy as setting up WordPress and putting site online of you, though. I’ve seen a number of those sites that seem to be almost there but are missing a few major alters that would more usefully evolution WordPress into the framework for a well-organized static website.

Whether you’re designing a non-blog WordPress site for landlord make use of you, or if a customer asks for help in taking one installing, here are some of my hints for taking bagan.

To choose a Good Theme

There are a lot of outstanding WordPress themes, but not all are good for non-blog sites. An example, you might not want content of you coordinated by date, or showing multiple extracts at a time. Well you’ll should do some exploring to discover a good non-blog theme for intentions of you. Naturally a magazine-like theme is a good method to go. You have to plaid a few out on this post, 5 Best Non-Blog WordPress Themes.non-blog wordpress site      -compressed

To make use of Pages, Not Posts

In fact, you could certainly go either method when it goes to pages vs. posts, although I refer pages. Pages and posts essentially do the same thing on a non-blog WordPress site, but if you end make use of both, you might be designing a navigational mess. My proposal is to choose one or the other (and there are profits to going in either direction), and then place with it for all of content of you.

To Put a Static Front Page

If you’ve pick to make use of pages, you will also want to install site of you to show a static front page —  homepage of you. To do this, design the page you want to choose as Home, then go to Settings > Reading. Choose the “static page” radio button and select the chosen page of you from the dropdown menu.

To Take Hands of You In the Code

Even if you choose the great non-blog theme, you will can do some code twist to take away a couple of the blog-centered content and references. For example, even if you return commenting ability off and till make use of posts, most themes will till display a “No Comments” line. You will most likely also want to remove the RSS subscription option and a couple of the information in the sidebar that is unconnected on a non-blog site.

To Take Picky with Plugins

There are many distinct plugins that can take the evolution of WordPress from blog to non-blog simple. An example, HeadSpace lets you simple achieve meta-data and a variety of SEO assignments throughout one interface.  And Flutter is a plugin that designs custom write panels that can be total customized (radio buttons, file uploads, image uploads, checkboxes, etc).

Further more…

You can discover more hints on making use of WordPress for a non-blog site throughout these links:

If you want to make this even furthermore, you can hack it in a complete functional CMS. Make sure the SitePoint forums furthermore on making use of WordPress as a CMS.


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