Diabetes Destroyer Program by David Andrews: Does it Work for Everyone?

An Honest Review about Diabetes Destroyer Program by David Andrews: Does it Work for Everyone?

Diabetes Destroyer eBook Program Review

Diabetes Destroyer is an eBook which can easily be downloaded online. It promises to teach everyone a scientifically proven three step method that can help reverse diabetes.

Read this review entirely in order to find out how this product works nowadays. But before that, let us first learn what diabetes really is.


What is the Cause of Diabetes?

Diabetes takes place when the body is no longer capable of producing insulin because the immune system of the body has destroyed and attacked the cells where insulin is being made. In fact, the cause of this is not very clear; however it may include environmental factors and genetic risk factors. Furthermore, insulin is a hormone which comes from a gland situated below and behind the stomach (pancreas).

  • Your pancreas secretes insulin into your bloodstream
  • Your insulin circulates which will then enable sugar to enter your cells
  • Insulin is the one who lowers the amount of sugar in the bloodstream.
  • As the blood sugar level drops, so does the insulin secretion from your pancreasDiabetes Destroyer system-compressed

The Role of Glucose

Glucose (a sugar), is an energy source for the cells that make up other tissues and muscles.

  • Glucose comes from 2 major sources: your liver and food.
  • Sugar is absorbed into your bloodstream, where it enters your cells with the help of insulin.
  • Your own liver makes and stores glucose.
  • When you have low glucose levels, such as when you have not eaten in a while, your liver breaks down stored glycogen and turn it into glucose in order to keep the level of your glucose within a normal range.Diabetes Destroyer system 1-compressed
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