DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 Review – 50% DISCOUNT & HUGE BONUS

What Is DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 Inner Core About?

Most entrepreneurs find delegating & hiring to be the most difficult part of growing a business & as a result end up working in their business rather than on their business. In effect they’ve just created another JOB for themselves.

Unlocking the keys to the way to plan and hire for growth will take your business to new heights and Andrew & Peter are concentrating on making this a reality for you.

Who’s Peter Parks?

He mentor and empower entrepreneurs to success all around the world.

He show entrepreneurs just like you the way to attract new customers to your business by providing overwhelming value to your market.

The end result is you make more cash doing what you love & get your message out to your ideal clientelle in a very strategic manner using the power of the internet as your distribution channel.

Who’s Andrew Fox?

He has been a successful entrepreneur since 1999, the year when the the Internet properly ‘arrived’ in the world.

Failing miserably at High school, Andrew became a drop out & worked at a car wash always maintaining Andrew  would “own a Ferrari & beach house”. His parents and most of this friends thought he was insane.

Fast forward to the current day, He a self confessed super car & yacht fanatic has since achieved his dream of a Ferrari – in fact he owned four & is now training to race Porsches competitively.
His 3 most recent brands have all generated multi million dollars in sales and he’s broke records as both a product vendor & affiliate on multiple occasions.

Andrew & Peter have been close friends for over seven years.

DNA Wealth Blueprint was a collaboration between them wanting to show the world how to successfully use paid advertising, predominantly FB to market products as both an affiliate and a vendor.

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DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 Overview

Video Case Studies

“$1074 – $1442 Per Day On ClickBank Using DNA 3.0”

“DNA Showed us how to scale – I did $140,000 in 6 weeks”

“Over 30k subscribers & our first ever 6 figure month in March!”

“I lost my job in January 2013. 11 Months later I live in my dream home – you guys changed my life”

“My CPA stuff went up from $0.45 to over $1.38 – $1.50 EPC average… in the last 2 months it’s added an extra $30,000 income”

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What Are You Waiting for ?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. No Question Asked ! Take Action Today And You'll Also Get The Following Bonus Bellow !


Step 1: You are spending $100/day on ads promoting a CPA offer & returning $150 = $50 profit

Step 2:

  • In theory the CPA network pays you once every 7 days.
  • In theory seven days * 100 ad spend = $700 Spend
  • $50 profit per day = $350 profit.

Step 3:

  • All of thing is running well until 1 day the CPA network does not pay you. However you’ve still paid for the traffic in advance.
  • You are left holding the bill with nothing to show
  • Now imagine this on a larger scale….

Step 4: You are spending $10,000 each day. End of The Week The CPA Network does not pay.

Step 5: You are $70,000 out of pocket, with a court order to pay the funds or immediately legal action will take place.

DNA Wealth Blueprint 3.0 Module

• Module 1 – Quick Start – Newbie to $3200 in Seven Days
• Module 2 – Super Affiliate Tracking -$100k >> $1 million >> $10 million & beyond
• Module 3 – Solar Panel Case Study – Top Affiliates Are Making Over $10,000 per Day
• Module 4 – The Ultimate CPA Campaign & Backend Profit Machine
• Module 5 – Mastering FB CPA… (Cost Per Action) only for Advanced Users
• Module 6 – Building a Traffic Team Like a Boss (If you ever want to make a truly ‘hands free business this is for you)
• Module 7 – High Risk Aggressive CPA Offers That The Most Elusive Underground Affiliates Are doing $100,000 each Day With

The remaining ten modules further tears into all of thing you need to know about internet marketing.


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