Do you check your spending time at the Facebook?

It is no doubt that Facebook is considered as the most powerful platform where people tend to spend their most time on sharing news and ideas with the community. We all see that it is updated with a lot of value added features and users across the Internet used Facebook on daily basis. Facebook, the largest social media platform, always keeps care of requirements of each user.

For users connected with business or product promotion, they are considered the people spending most of their time on the Facebook in comparison to others just using it to share for other purposes. Facebook users using their Facebook account in order to update their status by updating the profile picture, writing quotes, or even sharing interesting stuff mostly fail to be familiar with the fact that how much time they are spending on this very strong platform. Some of the teenagers, they mostly put stop on their studies, thus they spend time on the Facebook. Factually, you will know how much important part of your life you are wasting on the Facebook if keeping track of the time that you spend on Facebook on daily basis.

You can find that the purpose of these contents is to show you an obvious idea about your very precious time that you must care about. Definitely, it is not either to encourage you to spend more time on the Facebook, nor has an aim to prevent you from using your Facebook accounts.

For having a check on the time you used on your Facebook account, it is necessary for you to apply the Facebook Runner software, this helps you to know about the time that you spend on the Facebook.

Developed by well known software engineer “Ahmet Soyarslan”, Facebook Runner software is very useful in supplying you the time log for your Facebook. There are many salient features of this software and some of them can be flashed as following:

  • It, the software, is very useful in showing the time which will make you pay more attention to the time that you spend on using the Facebook.
  • The software saves the time and it also resets with each browser restart.
    • The checking time can be integrated to the Facebook page.
  • Available with three timer resetting option. Thus, you can set it for your daily time use, on every startup or you may set it for never to keep account of time as well.
    • It is supported in both English and Turkish languages.
  • The timer format view can be switched to a shortened format for a smarter look.

In general, the Facebook Runner software is readily available for all very famous browsers. For your needs, it requires you to download the software, and then install it on your computer or on mobile so that you can make use all of it.

With Google Chrome, you can download the software from: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/facebookrunner/nmhcemnjmajcmijidnbceceahgfpdalg

With Mozilla Firefox, you can download the software from: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/Internet-Applications-Addons/MozillaExtensions/Facebook-Runner-for-Firefox.shtml

Just download and install the software! It will allow you to be aware of the time that you spend on using the Facebook. This will become to accelerate your working speed on the Facebook and on the Internet as well. Therefore, you can use your time in more beneficial work in your real life as a result.


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