Double Your Opt-In Rate With These Three Simple Tricks

You are having a difficult time bringing subscribers. If you are a marketer or small business owner, you probably have an email marketing form on your site in order to help grow your list.

However, let’s be honest; you are not killing it at the list building section in any way. Your list hasn’t increased for weeks. What’s happening? Before you proceed down this route, let’s look at three simple things you can start performing to almost double your opt-in speed immediately.


  1. Produce a Strong Lead Magnet

Your end goal is to earn more sales, right? A strong lead magnet is able to help you develop your list of prospective leads, helping younot justget more business but also

attract your client persona again and again. It’s usually a solution to some frequent problem, or it’s something people find exceptionally valuable. As much as 95% of first-time visitors to a websitewill not purchase your products or services. Having a lead magnet, nevertheless, it is possible to capture around 40 percent of these first-time visitors 40% of these first-time visitors which makes it more

likely, they’ll convert to buyers in the long run. Let’s take a look at one of Sendlane’s very own lead magnets.

What is the way to a fantastic lead magnet? Supplying value.

When developing a strong lead magnet, to gain a great deal of subscribers your free offer needs to have a high perceived value. If it is going to help them solve a specific issue then it will probably be perceived as valuable. While There Are Lots of types of lead magnets such as an eBook or an email course, let’s look at just two strong lead magnets (which have not been overused) you can offer to your target audience.

LockED Content

I am sure that you’ve seen lots of people offering a simple PDF download as a lead magnet. Sure, it works fine, but not over provide and offer up a whole library of valuable content. People will feel they are getting tremendous value in exchange for a measly email address. In reality, even using a complimentary paywall (aka content access arrangement) will increase your sign-up speed by around 400%.

Copyblogger made a library of the best resources — 15 eBooks and access to a comprehensive marketing course — after realizing they had poor opt-in rates. Give Access to some Community

Nowadays, people just don’t wish to read or see content, they would like to interact with the entrepreneur or blogger of the site.

What better means to do this than using a personal community?

Facebook is a hotspot for marketers, bloggers and entrepreneurs that wish to start a private group as a means to cultivate their email list. By way of instance, visibility strategist Mary Fernandez has a personal Facebook community that’s only accessible if you subscribe to your own list. As soon as you subscribe to your own list and confirm your subscription, you can “unlock the personal conversation.” Being part of a neighborhood of different marketers, peers and mentors is a whole lot more valuable than any white paper or eBook that you could ever offer for your readers.

  1. Content Upgrades

Let’s get extremely specific here. Among the best ways to double your email subscribers — or perhaps triple them such as entrepreneurs Bryan Harris— is to get a material upgrade for each and every post you publish. If you do not understand what this is, it’s a lead magnet that’s extremely specific to your post. This free bonus is offered on your post in exchange for someone’s email address.

A fantastic illustration of this is the way Melissa Griffin out of The Nectar Collective does this in her blog posts. She makes every content upgrade specific to the post and makes sure to write a sentence about it prior to presenting her bonus offer. Content upgrades are extremely effective because the offer is directly tied to what the visitor is reading. Since you already know they are interested in the topic matter, you are able to capitalize on this by providing a specific content upgrade. By way of instance, say you have a post on 6 Monetizing Mistakes You’re Making on Your Blog.

If you offer a bonus download of 10 more monetizing mistakes, the probability of someone choosing in is large.

So large, that based on Brian Dean you can boost your conversion rate by as much as 785% strictly using content upgrades.

What things do you offer as a material upgrade?


  • Cheatsheets


  • Checklists


  • Swipe files


  • PDF guides


  • Quick guides


  • Downloadable version of the post


  1. People gravitate towards things that they know or are familiar with.

Instead of having a landing page to pull in the masses, why not have different landing pages to draw different segments of your target audience? Based on Hubspot, the landing pages which you have, the greater chance you have of capturing leads. In reality, their research shows businesses see a 55% increase in leads when they use involving 6-10 landing pages.

A perfect example of a business using multiple landing pages to sell the same service to different audiences is your credit card processing business, Square. Since they cater to a lot of different types of businesses, they believed using multiple landing pages which catered to segments of the audience might help not just in customer retention but also in customer acquisition. Listed below are just three different landing pages that they use to attract specific businesses:

Square for Beauty Professionals

Square for Home and Repair Services

Whether you have a restaurant, a salon, or are a general contractor looking to take credit cards, if you visit their targeted landing page, then you will feel as if Square understands your business. Regardless of what industry-specific landing page you visit, you will notice that clicking on the Get Started button sends you into precisely the same email capture page.

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