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Ecomify is an Amazing WP Plugin to takeover total Ecom Affiliate System. It will allow you to turn your WP blog into affiliate store from Amazon, Ebay and AliBaba

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Dear Intelligent Marketer,

Allow me to tell you as it is. eCommerce is NOT as easy as it is being peddled to unsuspecting marketers by some unscrupulous people out there. Especially when you do not have thousands of dollars to invest in it and loads of time and/or employees to look after stocking, shipping & managing your eCom store.

Hello My name is Anwesh Rath & I’ve been marketing online since 2007.Between myself & my partners David & Ankit, we have over 20 years of experience in online marketing & we are sure know the most cost effective ways to scale up our businesses & train other marketers do the same.

I’ve been doing eCom for a while now & what is crazy is that I got sucked into shopify & 3dcart at 1st & ended up paying hefty fees & lost a ton in stocks that I could not sell due to lack of market research. Turns out the “Amazing Shopify Course” I bought, pretty much misled me . But that was not just it. There’s way more to it.

10 things They aren’t Telling You About “Traditional” eCommerce

  • Platforms like shopify charge you $179 per month for a basic eCommerce platform with pretty much an ugly looking store front.
  • Addons & Themes to make your store function properly & look like a decent , “semi-professional” store costs an arm & a leg. We’re talking about $97 per theme & boat load more for Add-ons.
  • Shopify stores that’re doing REALLY well have a proper fulfillment process in place with tons of employees & warehouses to store the inventory. If you’re just starting out, then just this point itself should stop you from throwing money into shopify.
  • The stock you could not sell will be left in your storage & you will not be compensated for that.
  • YOU have to handle the refunds yourself & of course the customer service, disputes & chargebacks. Basically a TON of hassles
  • LOTs of market research is required before you find that winning product & begin selling it to the RIGHT customer.
  • Of course you are able to use Shopify & use Alibaba to drop ship & pay $179 per month to shopify for that …..WAIT!!!!
  • E-commerce platforms do not give you full control of what you want your stores to look & function like.
  • In North America? Then it is even more difficult because of costly shipment & inept system in place to deal with foreign currencies.
  • The only people that have any real success with ecom are the ones that are holding all of their secrets on the “Inside” simply because they DO NOT WANT YOU TO STEAL THERE THUNDER!

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Basically, Running Your Own eCom Business Is NOT Nearly As Simple As It has Been Presented To You In The Past

Truth be told, it is NOT Newbie Friendly!

However, We’ve Devised A Perfect Solution For You

But more About It in A Moment!

Now I want you to imagine this. What if you could Storm your way into the eCommerce scenario Without Having to…

  • Have your garage overflowing with all the goods you “intended” to sell
  • Dealing with extremely costly drop shipping companies
  • Paying $2k a year just to have a half decent store on shopify or 3dcart or Vollusion etc
  • Break your head with technicalities of setting up your online store
  • And most importantly, learning ANYTHING new at all that you aren’t comfortable with…

That is right. We at eComify, have solved this problem for you & just to be sure that you understand, that we know what we’re talking about,

E Comify review and bonus

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What Are You Waiting for ?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. No Question Asked ! Take Action Today And You'll Also Get The Following Bonus Bellow !

What is Inside Ecomify

1. No Setup Cost… Just install and GO

You do not need to pay a hefty amount to shopify or other platforms. It’s on WP and just one time setup

2. Ali Express, Amazon and Ebay in one

You don’t get to stuck with one platform. This Plugin will enable you to have products on your stores from Amazon, Ali Express and Ebay

3. Complete Training

They are not gonna leave you hanging with the software alone. Inside the members area you will get complete video clip training about installing the WP plugin, setting up the store, theme customization & other marketing stretegies

4. Dedicated Support

Our Heroic support team is always ready to solve any of the issues your might face. As proven from their past launches, they resolve 100% of the issues with our software within 24 hours. Be it technical or strategy related issues, they are there for you.

E Comify Overview

E Comify Review and huge bonusbuy-now


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