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E5 CAMP Masterclass Review

E5 CAMP Masterclass Review – Todd Brown’s Upcoming E5 CAMP Masterclass Partner Launch…

Despite being considered the top authority on engineering wildly profitable marketing funnels, the E5 CAMP Masterclass isN’T another training on architecting funnels.

It is a comprehensive blueprint for researching, engineering, evaluating, optimizing & scaling a mega-hit client-acquisition marketing campaign. It shares in detail, for the 1st time ever, his entire 5-stage Customer Acquisition Marketing Protocol (i.e. E5 C.A.M.P.).

It is the exact process he personally uses to create all of the six & seven-figure customer-acquisition campaigns he has become known for. It is the same methodology well-known marketers fly-out to West Palm Beach — every paying $12,500 for the day — to have him install in their businesses. And it is the same process his agency has used to create marketing campaigns for some of the biggest direct response companies selling online today.

So, the E5 CAMP Masterclass is truly his life’s work in the world of direct response marketing over the past 15 years… distilled into a dialed framework, taught over 15 hours, with a series of 8 modules, 30 masterclass lessons, 18 step-by-step Execution Guides & handouts for everything.

And, the entire program is delivered via a custom portal designed from the ground up.

E5 CAMP Masterclass Review And Overview

  • Creator : Todd Brown
  • Product: E5 CAMP Masterclass
  • Release Date: 2017-Jun-15
  • Release Time: 09:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $374-$1999
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: General

2 Big Reasons You Should Join In The E5 CAMP MasterClass

Reason #1: It Is An Amazing Education-Based Video Sequence You’ll Love, Created From Scratch To Trigger A Buying Frenzy! The entire E5 CAMP MasterClass launch sequence is a brand new education-based campaign & created from scratch.

Reason #2: An Irresistible Offer For A True, Next-Level Training Program & Experience
A package with a real-world value exceeding $19,350.00. Discounted by almost 90%. Bonuses not available anywhere else, worth more than the entire tuition in the program. Coaching with Todd Browns personally. It eliminates each reason for not buying. A framework that delivers staggering results with a massive amount of case studies & proof that demonstrates that.

There Are All Lesson You Get Inside E5 CAMP MasterClass

Module I: Examine – Part 1

Unit 1: Conducting The Prospect Analysis
Unit 2: Conducting The Product Analysis
Unit 3: Conducting The Competitive Analysis

Module II: Examine – Part 2

Unit 4: Conducting The Promise Exposure Spectrum Analysis
Unit 5: Conducting The Prospect Awareness Pyramid Analysis
Unit 6: Creating The Three Dimensional Prospect Profile

Module III: Engineer – Part 1

Unit 7: Your Engineering Tools
Unit 8: Engineering The Perfect Customer Generating Product
Unit 9: Engineering The Perfect Offer
Unit 10: Engineering The Perfect Marketing Funnel Thesis
Unit 11: Engineering The Perfect Big Idea

Module IV: Engineer – Part 2

Unit 12: Flawless Funnel Copywriting
Unit 13: Engineering The Perfect Headline & Lead
Unit 14: Engineering The Perfect Marketing Message

Module V: Engineer – Part 3

Unit 15: Engineering The Perfect Minimum Viable Funnel
Unit 16: Engineering The Perfect Lead Capture Page
Unit 17: Engineering The Perfect Marketing/Sales Page
Unit 18: Engineering The Perfect Order Form

Module VI: Evaluate

Unit 19: Testing Your Minimum Viable Funnel (MVF)
Unit 20: Understanding Your MVF Response

Module VII: Enhance

Unit 21: Enhancing With The Perfect Upsell Sequence
Unit 22: Enhancing With The Perfect Follow-Up Sequence
Unit 23: Enhance Overall Conversion
Unit 24: Setting-up The Perfect Testing

Module VIII: Expand

Lesson 25: Expanding Your Level Of Acquisition Aggression
Lesson 26: Expanding With Competitive Analysis
Lesson 27: Expanding With The Perfect Tracking Set-Up
Lesson 28: Expanding Your Acquisition With B.A.C.Q.
Lesson 29: Expanding With The Perfect Metrics Reporting
Lesson 30: Expanding Through Your Backend

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