Easy WP Localhost Review 89% DISCOUNT & HUGE BONUS

Easy WP Localhost Review – Are you searching for more knowledge about Easy WP Localhost? Please read through my honest reviews about Easy WP Localhost before selecting it, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?

Easy WP Localhost Info

  • Creator: Chris Hitman
  • Product: Easy WP Localhost
  • Release Date: 2016-02-20
  • Release Time: 10:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $39
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: Software



Easy WP Localhost is software that installs on a PC or MAC that lets users run WordPress test websites locally without any technical skills

There are huge advantages in doing this…

  • You can test themes & plugins offline
  • You can build websites offline
  • It’s faster – there is no internet lag
  • If you make a mistake – just reset
  • You can fix or prevent problems on live sites
  • Zero running costs – no hosting or server fees

It is the 1st tool that every WordPress developer uses daily and without a question the most useful tool for website development and testing.

What is New with Easy WP Localhost


Everything is new …it is a brand new product which has been written from scratch. Here is a summary:

1. Very easy install on both PC and MAC
2. Install any current or previous WordPress version
3. Install unlimited WordPress test websites (top version)
4. Delete, backup and restore websites
5. Futureproof – install any future WordPress releases
6. New SAAS like super easy user interface

The software operates like a SAAS on the PC or MAC letting the user to create WP test websites on the fly….easier way than ever before possible.

With Easy WP Localhost you have total control of all your development projects

OTO 1 Pro Version

The upgrade version includes a plugin which lets users duplicate or clone a website to & from Easy WP Localhost in 2 clicks.

This upgrade also inserts an import website button to Easy WP Localhost, letting users quickly import a backup created by the Easy WP Localhost plugin.

These 2 combined save hours of work when importing & exporting sites.

Doing this manually often requires in deptch knowledge of PHP or mylsql, & simply is not possible for a lot of your subscribers.

This upgrade also provides your subscribers an additional 2 licenses for Easy WP Localhost which they can easily use for VA’s etc..

OTO 2 Developer Pack

One of the things we did regularly with our own WP localhost was to set up our preferred themes & plugins…

This was costing us time on each installation – so we fixed this in the Pro version. In this version you can:

  1. Store your preferred themes and plugins
  2. When you install your WP test website you will be asked which of your stored themes and plugins you wish to insert to your installation.
  3. Duplicate any WP Localhost site in 1 click.

This makes it much easier & faster to set up your WP test websites. No more copying and unzipping stuff one by one.

OTO 3 WP DeBrander

WP DeBrander is a plugin for customizing WP standard branding, giving you an identity.

This lets you add their own, or their customers branding to WP login pages, admin dashboard, etc..

The product also lets you tighter control of user security than WP normally lets.

We have also included over 120 graphics for you to use when customizing & branding their websites.



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