eCom Sniper Review & Bonus – SHOULD I GET IT?

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eCom Sniper Review & Bonus

This is exactly what people are looking for eCom Sniper

Most people haven’t had success with Shopify, eCommerce or Fb marketing especially because they need a clear step by step explanation, they need a super strategic walkthrough of EVERY single detail plus they need some awesome advanced strategies that are included in eCom Sniper and they can’t really miss anything especially with Fb advertising.
He’s not gonna lie.

Some of his students were actually failing before going through eCom Sniper and now they are making up to $300/$500 per day. One of his students, Kabir, made over $2,300 with a fb strategy included in eCom Sniper. So make sure you push really hard on the opening day because is the”super cheap” price, Then price increases for the duration of the launch.


eCom Sniper Overview

eCom Sniper Review & Huge Bonus

Here is What You’ll Get Today With eCom Sniper…

Module 1 – Introduction

The Right Mindset To Get You Started On The Right Track You will discover everything you need to know about me, my struggles, my successes, and how you will be able to generate the income that i do… while avoiding all of the major pitfalls i had along the way

Module 2 – Top eCommerce Solutions

The TOP eCommerce Solutions Out There
Benefits of Shopify and Why Is The BEST Out There
4 Pieces Of FREE SOFTWAREThat Will Explode Your Income From Day 1
A Powerful Method That Get RESULTS Within 35 Minutes Of Taking Action!
Watch Me WORK And Do This Right In Front Of Your Eyes And Tons More…

Module 3 – The 4 CRITICAL Keys To Succeed

4 CRITICAL Ways To Make It Big With Your eCom/T-shirt Business
How To Tap Into a Winning Niche for Your Product
3 Things You Need To Do To Make Sure Your Designs Will Sell Like Hotcakes!
How To Make Sure You Don’t Cheat Anybody Out of Bad Products
The Twist To T-shirt Marketing That Has Never Been Revealed Before
The #1 Mistake People Do While Branding Their Store (Do THIS and You Are DOOMED To Failure!)

Module 4 – Starting a T-shirt Business

The #1 Benefit of Selling T-shirts Online
2 Ways To Create T-shirts That Sell
How To Get Other People To Create T-shirts for You
Use “Manufacturerflust Like The Big T-shirt Dogs Do
The #1 Method To Get T-shirts Done Fast!
The T-shirt Printing App You Need To Install On Shopify Right Now

Module 5 – Getting Started with Shopify

Understanding Shopify
My Complete Walkthrough On How To Setup All Your Pages (This is a TREMENDOUS Time Saver!)
Setting Up Your Account
An Overview of the Dashboard
General Store Settings
Checkout Settings and Payment Options
Shipping Settings, Countries and Rates
Tax Settings (IMPORTANT! Most People Do It WRONG and End Up with Serious Legal Trouble)
Notification Settings
Adding a Custom Domain for Your Store
Account and File Settings

Module 6 – HOWTO Add Pages, Blogs, Themes and Natation

How To Create a Static Page
How To Customize Your Navigation, Main Menu & Footer
The Easiest Way To Create and Integrate a Blog
How To Find and Use Shopify Themes

Module 7 – HowTo Add Products, Categories and More

How To Add Your First Product To Your Store
Setting up Collections and Categories
How To Create Gift Cards and Make More Money
Creating Discounts

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Module 8 – Shopify Apps

Introduction To Shopify Apps
Use THIS Killer App for On Demand T-shirt Merchandising
Installing THIS Killer T-shirt App for BIG Profits
Creating Your Account
Creating a Shirt with and Uploading the Anal Product To Shopify

Module 9 – Publishing & Testing Your Store

Preview and Testing Your Store
Managing Orders

Module 10 – T-Shirt Store Profits

How To Create Your Own T-shirt Store
The Amazing Benefits of Building Your OWN T-shirt Business.
The Master Plan To Ripping Commissions Off the Big T-shirt Platforms!
Getting Started In Minutes
Creating Awesome Killer Mockups
Adding a Support Desk To Your T-shirt Business
Taking Your T-shirt Business To The Next Level
And Tons More…

Module 11 – T-Shirt Sales Funnels

How the top T-Shirt Ballers Are Killing It Every Day (and if you think it’s ANYTHING like what they share in the Facebook groups… you’re WRONG!)
How To Build Long Term ASSETS (very powerful!)
2 Types of Funnels That Sell Products Like CRAZY!
How To Sell T-shirts, Physical Products, CPA Offers, Subscriptions, Mugs and more!
Why the 7-Day Ad Campaign Is LOSING You a Ton of Sales
The 6 E-mail Campaign To Use After EVERY T-Shirt Sale
Quickly Build YOUR Lists In ANY Niche
How To Generate Over 1000 Opt Ins using Teespring Marketing Tactics
When Giving Up Your Profit Can Put Even More Money In Your Pocket (it sounds weird… but when you see how it’s done, it’ll make perfect sense)
How To Use Social Media To Maximize Your Sales Funnels… with FREE Traffic!

Module 12 – How To Find Killer Products To Sell

How To Research Products That Make TONS of Money
How To Legally Spy On Your Competitors
How To Get Other People To Push Your Offers
2 Platforms To Find BEST SELLING Products
My #1 FREETool To Find PLENTY of TOP SELLING Products
The #1 Thing You Must Sell To Pull In 400% ROI
How to Buy Products for Cheap

Module 13 – Product Fulfillment
The Simple 3 Step Process That Gets You Profiting TODAY!
Quick And Easy Products That You Can Create NOW
How To Create T-shirts, Mugs, Cellphone covers, Necklaces yourself
An ‘Insider’ Look At The WRONG Ways To Fulfill Products And How Not To Fall Into The Trap
I Draw The Curtains Back And Give You A Look At How Fulfillment REALLY Works
Setting Up Arbitrage/Dropshipping
How I Made Over $20,000 Selling Necklaces & Earrings
How I Make Money With NO Products
How To Private Label Products That You Can Brand & Make Your Own

Module 14 – HowTo Create a Fan Page

Creating Your First Fan Page
How To Grow ASSETS With Fan Pages
How To Promote Your Store and Products With a Fan Page (step by step)
The 2 Things You Absolutely Need To Do BEFORE You Start Advertising Your Fan Page
Make Sure You Avoid THIS Biggest Sale Killer!
And Tons More…

Module 15 – HowTo Setup Your First Ad

Creating Your First Ad
How To Create the Ad Image In Photoshop Totally from Scratch
Promoting Physical Products via Fb Ads
How To Create Ads To DOMINATE ANY Physical Product Niche
Steal The EXACT Ad Copy I used To Sell a Cosmetic Product that Made Me Over 55k In Under 6 Hours
How To Use Audience Insights To Find Audiences That Will Buy Your Products Like Crazy
How To Create a PPE Ad
The ONLY 3 Types of Ads You Should Ever Use
5 Killer Tips To Create Super Effective Video Ads
How To Use Video Ads To Get Cheap Traffic
The Right Way To Budget Your Video Ad
And Tons More…

Module 16 – Targeting Domination

How To Research GOLDEN Interests
Laser Targeting Fundamentals (You Will NEVER buy another FB marketing Course after this!)
How To Use”Audience Insights”Just Like The Big Players Do
How To Create Master Lists of Interests In Your Niche
The SECRETTo Find HOLY GRAIL Facebook Interests That No-One Else IsTargeting
How I Use Audience Insights To Target T-shirts and Physical Products (NO ONE Else Does This!)
Secret Targeting Strategies That Will Drive Your CTR Over 30%
How To Bring Your CPC Down To Under $0.05 EVERY SINGLE TIME
The Little Known SecretTo Find UNLIMITED Precise Interests

Module 17 – Analyzing Your Ads

Analyzing Your Ad Results
Data Reporting Treasure
The #1 Thing Million Dollar Advertisers Do To Make Sure Their Ads Continue To Be Successful!
How To MakeThe Right Adjustments To Your Ad Campaigns
Powerful Metrics of Success
What Is The ONE Thing You MUST Do To Make Sure Your Ads Pull In 500% ROI Every Time
How To Create a TREMENDOUS “Viral Ad Effect” with Your Campaigns.
And Much More

Module 18 – Ads & Funnel Optimization

Optimizing Your Ad Campaigns
The Adjustments You MUST Do Make Sure Your Campaigns Continue To Make Money On Autopilot
The RIGHT Moment To Start Split Testing Your Campaigns (Most People Do This Completely WRONG)
Optimizing Your Ad Funnels
How To Make More Money With Your Funnels
How To Make The Right Adjustments To Your Funnels
How To Build Your eCommerce Brand
How To Establish Authority With Your Shopify Store
And Tons More…

Module 19 – How To Scale WINNING Campaigns

How To Scale Your Winners In Your Sleep
Scaling Techniques To Reach 4 Figure Days
Behind The Scenes Tips To Scale Your Winners and Sell More Products
The SINGLE Best Scaling Strategy With Winners (This Is Closely Guarded By Top Fb Advertisers and Is Rarely Mentioned)
Setting Up Retargeting Ads
My FOOLPROOF Way To Use Custom Audiences
Setting Up Lookalike Audiences How To Expand Your Reach and Scaling Big with Lookalike Audiences

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Module 20 – How To Setup Upsells

How To Setup Money Making Upsells in Seconds
The Secret App That Turns Lost Sales Back Into Cash!
How To Setup One Click Upsells On Your Shopify Store
The Right Way To Setup Your Checkout Upsells
How To Source Products That Are Perfect for Upsells!
And Much More!

Module 21 – Killer Cart Profits

The Twist To Cart AbandonmentThat Can MULTIPLY Your Profits Instantly
How To Spot “Distressed”Customers And Capitalize
Powerful 3 Part Email Template that Work In ANY Niche Out There
The SECRET App I Used To Add $14k in Sales
How To EASILY Recover Your Profits
And Much More!

Special Bonus 1: 50 Physical Products That Sell Like Hotcakes ($97 Value)
Special Bonus 2: Physical Products Training ($47 Value)
Special Bonus 3: Facebook Powerhouse Training ($67 Value)
Special Bonus 4: WP Tee Contest Plugin ($37 Value)
Special Bonus 5: Top 70 Wholesale and Dropshipping Sources ($97 Value)
Special Bonus 6: Winning Dropshipping ($47 Value)
Special Bonus 7: 2,500 Top Selling Physical Products ($197 Value)eCom Sniper proof eCom Sniper proof 2


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