Facebook Ads on 3rd Party Sites for Non-Users

This is my mom who is objective as another word, dream girl of many advertisers. Her job is housewifery, she has lots of money and plenty of time to using internet. She always like her free time to assist for most of my family immediately which means everything from household to clothes for my dad, flight for us kids are shop online.

Many years want to have a such perfect profile in their hand. But, in many years past, she does not mind their ads. What is the reason? That is a anti-Facebook woman. Although i and my sibling explained many times, she still think Facebook is invasive and creepy and yet set up a profile.

In digital marketing today, identify-based targeting is one of the most powerful tactics. Social media platforms have sophisticated methods in order to classify their user’s data and rich personal data. It is useful to provide the ability to connect with their most potential consumers for the marketers.

But this method still has a big weak point: Advertisers can only connect with consumers using social media. And certainly that is not quite right the case, according to literally attest when like everyone and their mom in on Facebook.Facebook Ads on 3rd Party Sites for Non-Users-compressed

You can know according to Sprout Social’s inforgraphic on demographics of Facebook user. the case of my mom is not scarce too. Her peers (age from 65 up) have Facebook profiles only hold 56% of them.

Facebook admitted that it is a shortcoming which caused a difficulty for demographic advertisers. So they started action, my mom is not able to escape more from Facebook ads!

Recently, there is a news that Facbook is expanding its advertises outside Facebook users. Till now, through the Facebook Audience Network, it has been working for ads outdoor of the platform, collecting mobile apps and third-party websites. The formers, only Facebook users can see these ads, now non-users can also be visible.

Facebook will perform a process work – That is when Facbook non-users use the internet Facebook will make the most of mixture of tracking cookie, button data and plugins in order to obtain data of them. Although this method is not new, many online advertises did use it, Facebook has still had advantage because of its immense amount of data user’s behaviour. By linking their existing non-users patters to describe the non-users’ interests and demographics corectly. Non-users are identifed who they are and they will be in Facebook Audience Network.

This change will be extremely positive for Facebook and Facebook advertisers alike,If all goes according to plan. Advertiser will be able to come onto the market ads, have more qualified viewers and of course, Facbook will gain more dollars in ads revenue.

Only my mom will not thrilled about this update. But, non-users or mom wish, they will have ability to opt-out of these identify-based ads.

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