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Fresh Title – Here are the cold hard facts…

FACT #1: The average person is being exposed to 5000+ daily ads or brand messages each and every day.

FACT #2: They consume 15.5 hours of media on a daily basis.

So as marketers the big question becomes…

How do we cut through the noise?
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You only have seconds to capture your reader, visitor or subscriber…

Which is why THE HEADLINE/TITLE must be eye catching and compelling.

Here are 3 guidelines to live by when writing your headline or title…

– Use Power Words: Use words in your title that evoke an emotional response.

– Watch Your Character Count: Use an ideal character count of between 52-55.

– Use the Correct Sentiment: Having a positive or negative sentiment conveys stronger emotion and perform better that are neutral.

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The GOOD NEWS is that FreshTitle, which has just released – was designed to help generate literally thousands of proven titles and headlines with 1 click of the mouse.

It’s perfect for writing Email Subject Lines, Facebook Ad Titles, Blog Post Titles, Twitter Updates, Ebook Titles, Video Titles, Sales Page Headline, Banner Content, Webinar Titles, etc…

BTW, this software has a instant 60% discount for 5 days only…so go now to get it at the lowest price possible!

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Fresh Title Overview

What is Fresh Title

Fresh Title is a one-click software that provides you INSTANT access to thousands of PROVEN titles and headlines for ANY content you want!

Instant Title Builder:

Quickly generate over 800+ powerful (custom tailored) & proven titles or headlines by answering some simple questions about your service, product, or subject!

Massive Swipe Bank:

Get access to over 350,000+ proven headlines & over 70,000 email subject lines for an endless source of content ideas!

Real-Time News Headlines:

Looking for the latest news headlines by keyword from Google & Bing for instant fresh new ideas for your content!

My Titles Database:

Save all your best titles and headlines in your own personal database.

Built-In Thesaurus:

Instantly swap out synonym words in a flash!

Here are a few quick examples of using Fresh-Title to instantly pump out irresistible and proven titles …

BloggingFresh Title Review blogging

Quickly crank out amazingly powerful titles for your webblog posts! Also, use Fresh-Title to generate ” traffic-getting ” headl-ines & sub-headlines for your post or webblog page content!

Facebook Ads and PostsFresh Title Review facebook

Are you stuck thinking of a powerful FB ad title or description? Think no more & let Fresh-Title hand over all the best titles and headlines you need! Plus, you get endless ideas for post content & post titles!

Email Subject LinesFresh Title Review email

In a hurry & desperately need a powerful e-mail subject line for your next product or affiliate promotion? We got you covered .. BIG TIME! Use the built over 75,000+ internal database of e-mail subject lines to come up with 100s of ideas! Or use the internal database of 350,000+ proven head-lines!

Video PlatformsFresh Title Review video

With just 1-click you can pump out tons of head-lines for any niche you want! Having a powerful video clip title on Youtube can make or break your success. Use Fresh-Title to get the perfect title & headlines you need for max video clip engagement!

Article SitesFresh Title Review  article

Fresh-Title can not only generate your titles and headlines, but you can also use the massive internal databases of over 425,000+ headlines and e-mail subject lines to brainstorm new ideas for article topics!

P.S. I used Fresh Title to create this headline. It gave me over 800+ proven headlines I could have used.

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