Landing Page Monkey Review – The Fastest & Easiest Way Ever To Build High Converting, AMAZING Looking Landing Pages!

Can Landing Page Monkey REALLY Help You Make a Targeted List of Purchasers and Improve your Authority by Letting You Rapidly Build Fantastic-Looking Marketing Webpages with Point’n’Click Simplicity?

Is Landing Page Monkey Truly a Quickly Landing Page Creation Tool that is Beginner Helpful?


If you have tried using Wp to make your landing pages, or any other software, you probably understand how time consuming and difficult it may be…

The other problem is, most ‘templates’ out there’re made by Designers who do not have any real online marketing experience, so the web templates are not created to assist you to build your list or increase your sales.

Landing Page Monkey is trying to fix this problem by enabling you to simply create ‘high converting’ promoting and advertising pages, the ones that are proven to convert customers into leads & clients. The key feature of this tool is that it makes it super easy for even the complete newcomer, and it is extremely fast.

So lets take a quick tour of the main features to see how it works and if it can actually deliver on it is promises…

“The Easiest And Fastest Way Ever To Build High Converting & AWESOME Looking Landing Pages!..”

Faster: Awesome results FAST!  Our attention grabbing, video background landing pages out convert regular pages by up to 40 percents.  That means more leads with same traffic but in less time!

Easier: Use any hosted video from services like YouTube, Amazon S3, Vimeo or your own server. No technical skills required & no inflexible templates to edit – It is just point and click easy!

Free: Landing Page Monkey is an all-in-one web-based solution – Modify pages on the fly inside your dashboard, no other software or tools needed.  We will even host your pages 100% FREE!

Integrations: Works with all Auto Responder services… Integration with your AR system is a breeze! Whatever service you easily use & Landing Page Monkey works with Everything!

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What I like about this software is that it is cloud hosted, meaning you are able to login from any computer anytime to make your landing pages…

And they are also hosted for you. There’s no domain or hosting you need to set up, unless you wish to host the Pages on your own web site (which Landing Page Monkey permits you to do).

There are various templates to select from, but the most important one is the Video Background template, which permits you to make an Optin Page with a full motion video in the background.

Supposedly, these video background pages get higher Optins than traditional pages, but you really have to test it on your own in your niche before deciding on a success. Different pages work in various niches, and you’ve many selections with this tool to find the greatest converting page in your niche.

They also have ‘Giveaway/Contest’ page templates and ‘Free Trial’ page templates, that are really useful for Facebook Ads or any other paid traffic source you may be using. Sometimes, your visitors do not want free reports, they want something of greater value.

Other than that, there’s also Download Pages, Thank-You Pages,, Webinar Pages and many other popular styles that enable you to build a real marketing presence on the net very fast.LPM-SALESLOGO

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Integrates With Your Autoresponder and Displays Beautifully

All you need to do is enter your Autoresponder login details to integrate Landing Page Monkey with your autoresponder service…

Whether Aweber, Getresponse or even Rapid Mailer, it really works with all these services and much more.

Cool thing is, it tracks your impressions, customer actions and conversions so that you can see the best way a page is performing. Many times, by simply changing the headline on your page, you will get much better results…so its always good to look at the Data and optimize!

One of the big difficulties with these landing page creation tools is how they render in phone browsers and tablet browsers , whether its Android or Apple. Every browser on every device behaves differently…

But Landing Page Monkey dynamically adjusts your page to make it look nice on just about every browser and every device. This is important. If your Pages are not displaying well on mobile phones, you are missing out on huge chunks of traffic.LPM-SALESLOGO

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Launch More Campaigns Easily

Personally, I love to launch many campaigns promoting many products…

And Landing Page Monkey makes this easy by allowing you to ‘1 Click Clone‘ any pages you have created, and also enables you to keep an active backup by exporting and importing pages whenever you need to.

Sometimes, you need to change one small thing on a page, but you do not would like to get rid of your older page. The cloning feature comes in very handy and enables you to test which page variations are getting you the best results. The name of the game is constant improvement. If you keep improving your results, the profits keep growing too.

Other than that, being able to create Pages on the fly from any location in this world, on any computer or device is very convenient. You do not need to be tied down with a software installed on a computer. Make wherever you are.

Ok, so now that you have gotten a sneak peek of this software, the real question is, what’s the largest advantage of investing in it?

The largest advantage of Landing Page Monkey, by far, is the fact that it lets you launch promotions and campaigns at an extremely fast pace, that allows you to identify winners much faster and keep scaling your profits up.LPM-SALESLOGO

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BUT, do not think that this ‘tool’ is your ultimate key to earning money…because its NOT…

Truth is, landing pages are just one part of the process. You’ll have a attractive looking page with no real value you are providing to the visitor. The offers you promote, the content you provide needs to have real value. If you do not have the basics down, you will not succeed.

Also, Landing Page Monkey isn’t a ‘webpage builder’…and thus you need to work with the existing templates and customize them. You can not really build pages from complete scratch. it is meant for ease & speed of implementation, not as a complete design tool.

Lastly, to make all this work you need traffic. You need targeted visitors and only then will your landing pages be effective. If you get broad or generic traffic, it does not matter how nice the pages look.

So, to assist solve some of these issues and add value, I have made an exclusive bonus called the ‘Landing Page Monkey Fast Cash’ Academy.

Inside this Academy, I will show you how you can pick cashcow niches and offers that bring in the profits quickly…

And I will also show you ways to get targeted visitors from multiple sources, so that you can diversify and scale your business to a much higher level.

What exactly are Landing Page Monkey Features?

  • You are able to create as many landing pages that you need while not having to have coding or designing skills.
  • Your created landing pages are responsive that will work on any device such as iPhones, Android phones & any kind of tablets, also your website visitors can view your landing pages in any browser including Firefox ,Safari, Chrome & Internet Explorer.
  • You can use the landing pages that you make with any e-mail service provider including GetRespnose , Aweber, MailChimp, or any other.
  • With landing page monkey software, you are able to create opt-in pages, sales pages, affiliate pages, webinar & workshop sign ups pages, prize drawings & contest opt-ins and much more.
  • It comes with built-in tracking tools that will assist you maximize your ROI by tracking visitor actions, conversion rates & impressions.
  • You do not need to down load, install anything as it’s a web-based app.
  • You can add background graphics or background videos directly from Amazon S3,vimeo, YouTube, , Wistia or any other hosted MP4 file.
  • You are able to change the colors on you your page & choose from different font styles and layouts.
  • Choose from a wide variety of fonts & animations for your opt-in boxes.
  • You do not need a web hosting account to make your e-mail list because you’ll have two options: host your created pages on your own web-site or landing page monkey will host your pages on its servers with no extra cost that means you do not need to have your own web-site.
  • You can modify your landing pages in any time even when it becomes live, you can tweak the text layout, words, colors & other elements simply to enable you to test new ideas in real time on any of your landing pages without being scared of messing up any code .
  • If you have a Wp blog, you’ll get access to training video that will show the best way to simply integrate any of your landing pages into your blog.
  • If you want to release different campaigns frequently and make a lot of landing pages fast, Landing Page Monkey software comes with page cloning feature that will let you replicate your website, also you will have the ability to make a back-up of the current page before you modify it “it’s perfect for you if you want to test out new ideas”.
  • It comes with built-in social sharing buttons that means your visitors can share your landing pages on Twitter,LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and also through their e-mail.


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The best way to Create Landing Pages With Landing Page Monkey App?

Customize the Page Style

You’ll enter a name for your landing page,animation, the box position, background color, you’ll have a background image or use a background video,button text color, page background color, step 1 & step 2 button texts & customize the box & button designs.

Advanced SEO Options

You are able to optimize your page by entering the page title & Meta description.

The Page Content

Select the logo image type, headline & sub-headline font,main text font, color, text, footer and privacy text.

Autoresponder Integration

Enter the custom list id,Autoresponder, redirection URL & other elements.

Script Integration

This can be used feature to paste custom script codes such as Google Analytics.

Example #1
This example shows you how a brick & mortar business could make a landing page to build a list of prospects for advertising via coupons via e-mail or text message. It is a simple but elegant design which uses a background image, & a semi-transparent light box. When the button is clicked on, the optin form appears…Landing Page Monkey Review and bonus 1
Example #2
This one is a video website landing page, using a “VSL” style video. This particular example uses a giveaway, which is a fantastic way to maximize your optin conversion rate in many consumer-driven niches…Landing Page Monkey Review and bonus 2
Example #3
that one has a full motion video clip in the background. Instead of just a “background video” like in my demo above, this landing page utilizes a video that’s made to capture attention & point the visitor to the optin box…Landing Page Monkey Review and bonus 3

Example #4
This landing page has a trailer (from Youtube . com) of a new video gaming. Instead of an optin form, when a visitor clicks the button, they’re taken instantly to a purchase page for the product via an affiliate link. This opens up limitless possibilities for online marketers. Now you can simply create video-based landing pages for anything you want to promote. All you need to do is find a video that fits with the product…Landing Page Monkey Review and bonus 4

Example #5
Here’s a landing page that’s being used in conjunction with a Cost per action offer. A custom background image is used, with a video optin form on the left side of the page. The video is from Youtube . com, and the button goes directly to the CPA offer via an affiliate link…Landing Page Monkey Review and bonus 5

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