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LetClicks Review

LetClicks Review – The makers of LetSocify FB Notifications, have done it again! As expert FB marketers, Team LetX is continually searching for ways to improve engagement & conversions on FB, and that is why they have built LetClicks!

Worldwide, there’re over 1.86 billion monthly active FB users scrolling through their timeline each day and it’s getting harder to grab their attention & drive them to straight to your offer. LetClicks solves this problem once & for all! Presenting LetClicks Image Posts…

LetClicks Review Overview

  • Creator: Kimberly de Vries et al
  • Product: LetClicks – Facebook Image Posts
  • Release Date: 2017-Jun-13
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: Software

What Is LetClicks?

LetClicks is a web based application (SaaS) that lets Facebook users upload images, including GIFs (video like images) & post them on FB without having to create lengthy descriptions! Image Posts appear as a LARGE square post on FB, engaging your viewers to comment or take action. These posts are totally eye catching & can hardly be ignored since they fill the entire screen on your FB mobile device.

With LetClicks Image Posts, you can easily create Image Posts that’re directly clickable in FB! Once clicked, the user is sent directly to any URL that you has entered in LetClicks. The Result? More traffic to sites and offers, and you know what that means! MORE SALES! Check out the demo below!

LetClicks Review Bonus

All Browser Compatibility: Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Edge Explore…

One Click Image Posts!

Posts Photo Links & GIF Links easily on Your Timeline, in Groups or on Your FanPage!
Redirect to any Destination URL You Select after Image Posts are Clicked!
Clone Links for Multiple Redirect Destinations.
Insert Tracking Codes To Your Posts To Re-target Users.
Group Links Together To Organize Your Image Post Campaigns.
Auto Image Editor Makes Perfect Square Image Posts

You Will Have An Easy Usage Experience!

Sign up & log into LetClicks easily with your FB account!
Easy to Use with Clean & Intuitive Dashboard!
Quickly apply filters to effectively select Groups of Image Posts for any Campaign
Get detailed Click Reports with Browser, Platform, Device & Geological Data Each Image Posts!
One Click Support Desk Button Right Inside The Application.

Expect High LetClicks Pro Version Upgrade Conversions!

Schedule your post for publication on FB
Track Performance with Tracking Reports
Integrate LetClicks with other Applications such as Pixabay, YouZign, Buffer & many more…
Complete Image Library with Image Post Templates ready for use!
Easy Search for Viral Images over FB

Here Is What You Get With LetClicks

Create LARGE Clickable Photo Links!

FB posts with images get 2.3X more engagement than posts without images. Link posts with images, get nearly double the REACH than normal image posts!

LetClicks helps you create links that FB will display as perfect square image links, making the images clickable & ready for maximum reach, likes, shares, comments, engagement, and CLICKS!

Create Clickable Video Links!

85% of videos on FB are watched without sound. By uploading GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) animated images to LetClicks, you can create video like images that’re 100% Clickable.

According to Dell that begun using GIF images in their email:
42% increase in click rate!
103% increase in conversion rate!
109% increase in revenue!

Edit Images With PhotoLink Optimizer!

Not ALL of your images will be perfectly square for use through LetClicks Image Links. Not to worry about that, because they have got your back covered! Included in LetClicks, you’ll find an Image Editor that creates perfect square images for you.

Whether you want a Blurred Background based on the image you’ve selected or a solid color, you take your pick!

Easily Clone Your Image Link Posts!

Once you’ve created your Image Link & inserted your Redirect Link you’re set to POST your image. But what if you want to use the same image again with another redirect link? Not a problem! With LetClicks, you can easily Clone Any of Your Image Links that you have created and use it again and again & again!

View Post Details In 1 Glance!

Track Your LetClicks Posts & see how many clicks you get on your Image Link Posts! Monitor the effectiveness of your image posts so you can adapt & adjust based on Click Performance!

Organize Your Campaigns With LetClicks Link Pools!
For any of your projects you want to organize, LetClicks offers you the ability to create POOLs of Links that you can easily combine together, so you can easily see the performance of your Image posts across your IMAGE POST campaigns.

Link To Full Screen YTube Videos!

Create LetClicks Image Links that redirect to Full Screen YTube Videos! You can easily set the video to autoplay after the LetClicks Image Link is clicked!

Your Own Image Library In LetClicks!

With LetClicks you’ll get your own Image Library! Upload images, save edited images, zoom images & delete (per item or in bulk).

Insert Images from your desktop or simple use our “Fetch Image From URL” feature!

Insert Your Pixel For Max Retargeting!

LetClicks helps you include any Pixel you selected to include with your image post. This way you can Track Post Clicks & Retarget Users that’ve clicked on your images with Targeted Advertising Campaigns.

Fully Compliant with FB Terms!

The LetClicks Team uses the FB API to connect with users. A FB Application is created by the user to help Full Control over the FB Application & include custom Privacy Policies & Terms of Service.

With LetClicks You Get ALL These Amazing Features!

Posting Images
Easily Posts Photo Links & GIF Links on Your Timeline, in FanPage or Your Groups!

Redirect on Click
Redirect to any Destination URL You select after Image Posts are Clicked!

Clone Links
Clone Links & Reuse Your Images for Multiple Redirect Destinations.

Insert Tracking Codes To Your Posts To Re-target Users with Google or FB Ads.

Group Image Links Together To Organize Your Image Post Campaigns.

Image Editor
Image Editor Makes Sure All Your Posts Are Perfectly Squared For Best Views.

One Click Signup/Login
Sign up & log into LetClicks easily with your FB account!

Clean Design
Super Easy to Use with Clean & Intuitive Dashboard and Designs!

Quickly apply filters to effectively select Groups of Image Posts for any Campaign.

Analysis and Reports
Get detailed Click Reports with Browser, Device, Platform & Geological Data Per Image Posts!

1 Click Support Desk Button Right Inside The Application.

Here Is My Customers Said About Letclicks

Debbie Drum
Founder, DebbieDrum.Com

“An FB Marketing Revolution!”
“Letclicks will revolutionize your FaceBook Marketing. Within the 1st 6 hours of using the tool, I got organic clicks & optins to my squeeze page. Highly recommend using this easy traffic method!”

Jennifer Leadbetter
CEO at PotPieGirl

“LetClicks solves a BIG problem!”
“If you do ANYTHING at all on FB, you NEED LetClicks. Let’s face it, getting attention from FB users is getting harder & harder – LetClicks solves a BIG problem bloggers & online marketers have had with FB – getting attention – and getting CLICKS. If you want more FREE traffic from FB – get LetClicks. It just works!”

Gaurav Madaan
Co-Founder of Geekotech, Inc

“LetClicks skyrocket my site traffic!”
“After using Letclicks, i was able to boost my Link Clicks Click Through Rate (CTR) by 500%, that is crazy indeed. An awesome piece of Technology.”

Saurabh Bhatnagar
Facebook Expert

“LetClicks got me 5000+ Viral Clicks in a day!”
“LetClicks is a great software which outperforms each other software when it comes to FB Organic Viral Traffic. I’ve got 5000+ Viral Clicks in a day which is a serial testimony to an amazing product. Kudos to the Team LetX. ”

Rohit Ajmani
Founder, Viral Sparks

“I got a 10X increase on a single posts!”
I began using LetClicks a few days back. This Web based application has made it easy to bring traffic on your site using FB. This easy to use tool can make any photo or GIF posted on FB or anywhere – into a link that will redirect to any URL of your selection. After testing LetClicks a number of times, I found that the CTR & Reach of my Links and Images over FB was significantly increased. In-fact I got up to a 10X increase on one of my posts. This application shows lots of promise and everybody should definitely use Image based links on LetClicks to see the difference themselves.

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