How To Make Use of  Your Pinterest To Market Your Business

You can discover several articles dedicated on Pinterest on our website and there’s a strong reason for that. The pinning social media is so widely used (and with such tasty conversion rates and space for brands to maneuver) that it would be absolute insanity to not turn our eyes in its way.

While in most of the other parts of the world it’s rather uncharted Pinterest, the puzzling thing is that it is hugely common in USA. Although specially Europe and Asia are catching on, it also could be more.

Let’s face it, so Pinterest provides a lot in terms of branding and successful business.

Do you understand my idea? If not, let me get this straight – I’ll bombard you with several ways on making use of Pinterest for business marketing. Or, if you prefer another formula – I’ll let you know the best ways to market your business on the social media gem that is Pinterest.How To Make Use of  Your Pinterest To Market Your Business 1

It goes well further with your products

Like our good social media friend Instagram, Pinterest strictly relies on visuality. Which spontaeously means that your business needs to be showcased by providing aesthetic images of your products. However, this won’t quite cut it.

You should design a lifestyle if you want to be really successful with marketing your business on Pinterest. That’s right: the lifestyle of your brand, like evidenced by the products and images you’re uploading. Although it would require a bit of creativity and you have to be careful so as to not stray from your brand message and mood too much, it’s totally worth it in the long run.

Desining a lifestyle gets a certain mind frame in which your followers will envision themselves. At your side you will have a loyal audience, always ready for the next attractive dose of social media content if you make them follow your lifestyle and not only your products.

It must be exclusive

You need to make your customers feel exclusive at any time. And you should go futher in making use of Pinterest to market your business, to supplement what I just elaborated on. Sure, all the time might be an exaggeration, but you have to do occasional contests and giveaways if you really want to market your business on Pinterest. These will not only make your audience feel special, but also get better your engagement with your own brand community.

Not to mention that any sensible promotions takes a fair amount of repins which will attract new customers. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone in terms of making use of Pinterest to futher your business!

Think beyond your brand’s box

Concentrating on your products, your lifestyle and your brand as a whole is a great thing to do. However, you can market your business on Pinterest even better if you tell people about things that are related to your products.How To Make Use of  Your Pinterest To Market Your Business 2-compressed

I’m talking about having a broader look towards things, not telling you to advertise your competitors. Say you’re a beefjerky brand with tasty meat waiting for your clients to chew it up. You can think of complementary items (say, drinks) you can pin to provide an even better context. After all, whenever there is something tasty to eat, there is also something appetizing to drink. This is a sensual stimulation.

Another example, you can also keep your audience in the know on the latest technological news, gadgets and amazing trends while offering your insights on web design. While not sensually-provoking like the previous example, this approach would spare your clients the need to monitor tech feeds.

Ensure what you’ll be pinning beyond of your brand is somehow connected to what you do!

Remember to always be friendly and interact with your customers as much as possible when doing that. The key make use of Pinterest for business marketing and promoting your business on the pinning social platform is interaction. You’re just another brick in the social media wall for those people if you lack interaction.

I think these are the three fundaments to making use of Pinterest for business marketing. There’s a high chance you will be somewhat successful in promoting your business on Pinterest if you bear them in mind and act upon them. The advantage of it being a social media terra incognita for many regions, it does sound like a plan, doesn’t it? See Tool Pindrill

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