Marketing Strategy: What Needs to Define Before Starting Your Work

Execution can be seen as the exciting part of marketing. Some tasks including writing an interesting content, increasing your social network, and watching as your PPC campaign clicks rise are really all things we enjoy as marketers.

Preparing a marketing strategy can be the less glamorous and exciting part of marketing. Sometimes, people may feel that it is unnecessary for spending time at the beginning to talk about the “who, what and why” of a marketing campaign. Someone in your group might even say talking about strategy is a waste of time. Let’s see the clock is ticking, people – we have sales to make!

In fact, your content, social, and SEM campaigns will fall flat without the presence of a specific marketing strategy. If your well-written and interesting blog post is currently targeting the pool of your audience having no enjoyment in reading blog articles in their free time, obviously, you will see less-than-stellar results.

Please read below for some of the top points we have been defining in our marketing strategies because they are all honestly necessary before any work has begun.

Overall Business Objectives

Well, what problems have to be solved? This may appear to be a “duh” moment… however, you, in a year, will be delighted you specified your key objectives. Your objectives are seen as the root of pinpointing successes or shortcomings in your marketing program. Without accomplishing them, it is clearly that your program is not effective.

Some common marketing objectives can be included:

  1. Increasing Sales
  2. Building a relevant audience
  3. Increasing engagement
  4. Boosting brand awareness
  5. Driving ROI for marketing programs


What are the specific actions that you are going to take in order to accomplish your objectives? Tactics are the more defined explanation of in what way an objective will be met.

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For example, if our objective is to increase engagement, we may employ a content marketing strategy and pair it with social media marketing in order to lure conversation around our brand.


What about KPI? It is known to stand for Key Performance Indicator. It is a measurable value tied to a tactic. It is the part in which your analytics data comes in handy – they are seen as KPI’s for your marketing efforts. Thus, using the above example of increasing engagement, a KPI could be engagement or Social clicks, blog views, and also landing page conversions.

Audience and Personas

Before you create any content, it’s very important to define your company’s audience. Well, this can seem as an unnecessary step, particularly if you get a lot of experience in your industry. Nevertheless, it can really help make your messaging much stronger when taking the time to map out your audience’s story.

Brand Voice and Styling

Once you’ve decided whom you are talking to, it is very crucial to make a decision how you will say what you want to say. Brand voices can differ drastically, they presents from the very casual to the intellectual. Whether your brand crack jokes? If not, your tone will be much various than a brand that aims for a cheeky tone. Both brand voice and styling are extremely essential tools for writers and creative teams.

Content Themes and Important Initiatives

In any content marketing program, deciding your topics is usually recognized as the difficult part. Instead of making it difficult on yourself, take the time at the starting of the program to outline out all possible content themes for the company under “umbrellas.” In addition, you should lay out all of your main initiatives for the year. If you always celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, remember to stick it on your initiatives calendar.

With these umbrellas of topics, it will be easy for you to choose a variety of compelling topics for content, and knowing the timing of your initiatives will make it easier to control your plan ahead.

You can see that there is a lot that comes into defining a marketing strategy. So, this can take days or even weeks to complete; also, it depends on the complexity of your campaigns or industry. Work well with your marketing teams in order to outline the strategy working best for your company, and factor in the proper amount time needed to complete it.

Do you include anything else on your marketing strategy? Please leave your comment below and let us know!

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