How to Master Facebook for the Needs of Your Small Business

“Let’s see, what’s really needed just after the establishment of your small business website?”

“Well, actually, the answer for this is to get it on social media…”

As you know that there are tons of things to cover, but I’ll concentrate on the social media side of your really newborn brand (or, it is the brand that still hasn’t reached the recognition it deserves) in this article. For the reason that Facebook is seen as the social network first coming to mind, thus, I decide to have a look at the development of a good small business page in the case of Facebook.

It is said that Mark Zuckerberg’s tech empire seems to be a very easy pie. Just creating a page, however, you will find this fails to guarantee you any success, actually. To say the truth, for the rules of online image, they should be simple. That means you have to try for attracting the initial user base so that you can reap benefits. If you keep sitting idle, this is not an option as you’re just beginning or even with your business, it still hasn’t grown dramatically.

So, here are a few tips and tricks that I would like to share with you because I see that they are really worthy of implementing. Specifically, they can support your brand effectively to get the coverage it deserves and gain a user-powered snowball effect as well.Facebook for the Needs of Your Small Business1

Have to check the availability of your brand name before starting out in Facebook

Indeed, a custom Facebook URL together with user name is really important. So, why? Because, clearly, it correlates to the nature of your brand, then, makes it easier for customers who want to find it and is also a bre, as you can see.

So, eze to remember, of course. It is obvious that half-assed custom URLs are pain in order to look through, thus in case having an already established URL in the veins for what you got in mind, then it is an obligation for you to distinguish yourself.

It is very simple for the first tip that is just check out the availability of the user name. With Name Vine, it allows you to use for sparing yourself some time. Also, this tip is known true for other social media, for example, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest accounts related to your small business and unique as well.

As setting up your page, you need to test how it looks on mobile devices

In fact, we all know that social media is getting a mobile-powered technological environment, increasingly. Thus, keep skipping through mobile versions of websites as well as blogs is clearly suicidal in terms of business. Besides, whilst your Facebook page is guaranteed for mobile fit since Facebook itself has a very cool mobile version, then, your customized page may not look really beautiful.

This is the reason why you have to check every change applied to your own Facebook page. Something such as profile pictures, cover photos, page summary tabs, and every element of your brand page has to undergo the very thorough testing. This helps to make sure that the space of your own social media looks perfect and captures visitors’ attention effectively. Generally, with the image, it has always been important, and then it is just made twice as crucial with social media.

For social media page write up, please don’t forget the keywords!

Now, it’s time to talk about keywords while I’m on the topic of page write up. Surely, it’s clear that you’ll want to know what your primary keywords are, well, that is what helps to drive prospective customers to your business’ niche. Thus, at least, you should try and comprise some of them in your custom page name or also in your summary. But, just don’t overdo it since it will seem to be artificial and too sales-oriented, as well.

Consider applying third party apps for going deeper

Recently, I’ve talked about some choices for customizing your Facebook page with an affordable way.  This is not only true for big corporations, but also for a small business as well. With the three apps that I have mentioned, perhaps, Pagemodo will be the most appropriate for a brand that has not skyrocketed yet; however, you will want to have the conduct of additional in-depth research in order to firmly decide your best fit.

You should do a quick sketch of the most crucial things that your business can offer and also the way to structure these. Let’s see, if taking Pagemodo into consideration, with the amount of $ 6.25 per month plan you can get three custom tabs, then, all along with a cover photo editor and some other extras as well. Actually, with three custom tabs, they are a good point for your starting, so, you just think of what should you display there. As a standard approach, it comprises a Welcome page for greeting the visitor (simply, you can think of it like a social media landing page) and also a Contact us page (it is to let people know that you’re easily reachable and you can troubleshoot them anytime, also).

With organizational pro tip, it helps to decide when you should post on Facebook

Briefly, it’s clear that you can’t only post at random intervals and then expect for good engagement from customers. You should use the Facebook insights for checking the main target audience. Generally, you have to know where most of your customers live. Then, it is very essential to check their time zone and also try to correspond with it. For instance, if it’s 11:00 AM by your side, however, it is 3:00Am for where your customers live, so, with your freshly posted article, who would read it?

For your reference, I wrote a quick post related to the best practices as blogging and creating content (then, sharing it) for some time ago . It is better if you check it out and follow the guidelines mentioned there, or you can do your own testing as well. However, please consider about time, language and conversation tone preferences of your audience in order to push your brand for further towards the top.

Besides, here is bonus tip for brick-and-mortar businesses that is to encourage user check-ins

Honestly, recommendations of user are extremely powerful. Thus, never underestimate them, remember that. Well, instead of showing that your are raising your eyebrows as someone who passionately vouches for user check-ins, you then just do this and add them to your Facebook page, for instance.

So, why are check-ins really awesome?

Firstly, they will bring you the great advantage because they can make customers feel more engaged with your brand, it is so obvious. As you know, people really love activities and they do love to share what they do with their friends as well. They will be bonus points if you make check-ins to be a more interesting, useful process. Secondly, it is so helpful for prospective customers to have a better consideration for trying out the products or service of your brand. Let’s think about the case of an indecisive user, if seeing tenths of very encouraging reviews and hundreds of check-ins, as a result, it allows you to bet that he or she potentially becomes a customer.


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