MY IM Toolbox Review

What Is MY IM Toolbox?

MY IM Toolbox is a cross platform desktop application that runs on:
Windows, MAC & Linux lets you cover all bases. Knowing you will not leave any potential clients out.

Please read my honest MY IM Toolbox Review!

MY IM Toolbox Review

  • Creator: Donald VanFossen
  • Product: MY IM Toolbox
  • Release Date: 2017-Apr-27
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $37-$47
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: General

The MY IM Toolbox application has 5 modules by default:

Pull thoudands of keywords that people are actually searching for.

Link Tracking
You will have the ability to track clicks & create conversion pixels & callback URLs, view conversion reports, & click reports. Export the data to CSV.

All from one dashboard.

This module alone, would cost them $47 per month at a minimum, with any other service.

Landing Pages
Do you know what the problem is with most landing page builders?

They leave it up to you to determine what works.

They have a different approach to this. Their landing page layouts are proven to work. You need only fill in the content. The layout & design is already proven, so you don’t have to come up with design ideas & wast more time & effort.

Article Builder
The article builder takes a unique approach to making content for your websites.

You base the content off snippets or ranking content. Content that ranks for similar keyword phrases, as those you’re attempting to rank for.

The content is then broken down to the sentence level, juggled & re-assembled. Automatic spinning is also available. You will not believe the effect this has on ranking websites!

The IndexZor module is simply awesome. You’ll no longer have issues getting your website links indexed.

How Does MY IM Toolbox  Work?

The link tracking ability that My IM Toolbox provides people, is pretty impressive. However, some people do not need or want it for whatever reason. So that’s why there is a yearly offer without the link tracking module. They can upgrade at a later date if they so select, but when Link Tracking is included, the price is either monthly or yearly only. This’s because we have lots of server costs to ensure the links can handle the traffic & always be up.

The indexer module is insane! You won’t find anything, anywhere near this price that works this good.. Most of the time you will see instant results & traffic, because of how fast it can work.

The Landing Page module is a whole new concept on the way it assist people. Instead of all the drag & drop stuff out there, this uses templates that’re based on already converting landing page formats. So you did not sit there trying to think of how to design a lander. We all know that for new people, even a drag & drop interface does not work. You need it pre-defined so you can just insert what you want in the pages, & be done. Not to mention it prevents all the mistakes you would normally make.

The content maker module will take content you insert in, & break it down to the sentence level. Juggling, shuffling, & creating all kinds of variations. Plus you have the ability to use the free spintax generator that’s included, or if you have a subscription to SpinRewrter, or WordAI, you can use those as well.

The Keyword Module will make grabbing keywords fast. Because it pulls keywords that people are already searching for, and that’re closely related. So it’ll provide them with endless keywords right now!

The future of this module is also bright! Because there’s a massive update that will be inserted around mid July 2017 to this module. But the price for new clients that want access to what we’ll be calling the KeyReaper extreme module will be significantly higher. However, you will be locked into the price you pay now!



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