Now, The Reason For You Need to Start Video Marketing

In your marketing strategy, have you ever incorporated video? It is time you should if you have not ever do it. Video marketing seemed to be its own entity a few years ago.  You had to have video when you wanted to be found by select audiences. However, video now has special significance everywhere. Now, we will look at the reason for you need to start video marketing in this post.video-marketing-with-5-companies-compressed

YouTube is the second largest search engine of world.

Likely, Google is, and will always be number one. However, over a billion users who watch millions upon millions of hours of video on YouTube. Depending on your topic of video and how well you optimize it for search engines, you can reach them by creating video that they can search in YouTube search or general Google search results.

Alternatively, through a wide range of YouTube video advertising options, you can reach audience of YouTube. Before another video, this includes banners, commercials. And commercials in the middle of a longer video, sponsored videos in the sidebar, and many other ad types specifically made to appeal to video consumers.

Entertainment value is went beyond by YouTube creators. With actionable “how-to” content, to buying a used car and online marketing tutorials for beginners they serve audiences from helping golfers fix a slice. For “learn it yourself” consumers and makers, YouTube has become a free educational hub.

Best of all, for dozens of other video hosting sites such as DailyMotion, Vimeo, and many others, every video you create for YouTube can be repurposed. Moreover, for your professional profiles, even giving you more opportunities to share videos about your business, social networks as LinkedIn permit you to link YouTube videos to company pages and use them as media samples.

Video gets great reach on Facebook.

To reach more people on Facebook, do you want to do it? Begin using video. According to studies by SocialBakers, video has been shown to get more organic reach than other types of posts. Also Facebook is beginning to rival YouTube in video views, claiming to have hit an average of 8 billion daily video views.

And you should now consider incorporating live video when you want to get people engaged with your business. Recently, people spend 3 times longer with live video than with pre-recorded video according to Facebook has found that. In fact, by sending reactions, asking questions, etc, this is likely that viewers can actually engage with the person(s) on camera.

However, you significantly need to start uploading video to your Facebook page for that organic reach boost when you even do not want to get into live video just yet (which is now available for personal profiles, pages, and groups). When a featured video that appears above the About box on the left sidebar of your page, not to mention you can pick one video. Let’s think of it as a commercial or introduction for new visitors to your Facebook page.

Soon, Twitter’s 140 will not include media attachments.

To share more on Twitter, do you want to do it? And then begin sharing video if so.  A new change permits people to add media to their tweets without counting it towards their 140 characters, Twitter plans to roll out it. This means a video can be linked. And to describe it to your followers, you still have 140 characters and add hashtags.

For multiple reasons, this is beneficial. In the news feed, the video will stand out, and the play button on the video will beg for people to click it for starters.

Besides, your media library appears on the left sidebar of your Twitter profile, the video will get added to its. That way, visitors to your profile will see your latest 6 media shares, unlike your normal tweets that get lost in your timeline of profile. Thus, let’s make sure your video thumbnails will catch eye of people and make them want to click.

Getting hotter and hotter with Live group video chat.

The explosion of live video group chat and public broadcasting of roundtables and live group Q&A was helped by Google Hangouts. Blab.im. brought a little more simplicity for those who wanted to have 4 people on at a time and rotate people in and out of the broadcast easily, then came with it. And there is now Huzza, with even more features that you can use, for a price, a new Blab-like live group broadcasting platform.

The point is, you should consider getting invited onto or hosting a live show on one of these newer platforms when you want to get some exposure on a personal level that you can use to get your business exposure. It has the advantage of being free, having the ability to host up to ten people, and having lots of features such as screen sharing while Google Hangouts is older. Do not count out Google Hangouts only yet while other platforms are newer.

Your business ought to be in pictures.

There are lots of ways your business can enter the world of video as you can see. The key is to discover the way that is best for your business and begin there. And to reach as many people as possible with your video marketing, let’s make sure that no matter what type of video you design that you share it on as many platforms as possible.



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