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P1 Video Magnet  – Are you searching for more knowledge about P1 Video Magnet? Please read through my honest reviews about P1 Video Magnet before selecting it, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?


The P1 Video Magnet Software Suite

P1 Video Magnet Overview

  • Maker: Peter Garety
  • Product: P1 Video Magnet
  • Release Date: 2016-02-25
  • Release Time: 12:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $60
  • Sales Page: Click Here
  • Niche: General

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Peter Garety – The Founder Of P1 Video Magnet

Peter Garety is the maker of over 50 Internet marketing products, and he is rapidly becoming a household name in the Internet marketing industry. His main niche is producing Wp plugins, to help you be sure that his development team and technical support will likely be ALIVE for a long time to come. All of his plugins and designed to increase traffic and or conversions.
The most important thing to know about Peter is the fact that he practices what he teaches. He’s several weblogs and web-sites that draw in no cost traffic from Google every day, and he makes money in a variety of different markets online.
His social media marketing profiles are rich with fans and followers, and his Skype group is extremely large, because he loves to interact with his customers and subscribers.
With a combination of technical expertise and online marketing experience, you are able to feel confident knowing that his tools and methods are made to help businesses grow.

What Is P1 Video Magnet?


The front-end offer includes…

p1 video magnet and p1 video curator

…Making it a fully integrated system as well as enabling clients to use each of it independently on any site.

It Does It With Just A Few CLICKS!

  • one-Click Keyword Importer – will save enormous amount of time on market and keyword research
  • one-Click Post/Page Generator – turn any keyword and key phrase or entire category into a UNIQUE, articles rich page or post
  • Built-in Content Quality Control – protect your site from any kind of Google penalty because of duplicate content
  • Social Conversion System – convert your site traffic into leads on your email list and much more FREE traffic for your site
  • Motion Technology – “read” the intent of your web site traffic – funnel FREE traffic to the most profitable pages on your website
  • Plus much more!

Here is just a tiny list of things that makes P1 Video Magnet System impressive:

  • Exceptional, fully SEO optimized WordPress theme – YES, SEO is very important, however it MUST also look impressive – P1 Video Magnet Theme does it all
  • Integrated P1 Social Conversion module with – BounceExchange.com style ($3995 price tag monthly) visitor engagement system – won’t keep visitors on the site, but will also convert them to valuable followers or opt-ins to your email list
  • Smart and strategic video Curation system – forget about randomly posting videos on your website – it’s 2014 and technology must do better than that – we’ve that technology inside of P1 Video Curator
  • Semi-automatic content optimization system – if schema.org does not sounds impressive any more, being able to leverage YouTube playlist does – and that’s what this part of P1 Video Magnet system is all about
  • Plus much more.

P1 Keyword Planner – The Only Keyword Organization System You Will Ever Need

Here are the highlights of P1 Keyword Planner:

1-CLICK Keyword Importer – import UNLIMITED keywords directly to your WordPress website – don’t waste time with keyword organization in different spreadsheets
Relevancy group builder – organize all keywords in groups that Google approves, so you can get instant niche level rankings with your sites
1-CLICK Website structure builder – regardless of the size of your website, with a single click you can establish the entire website structure, even if you want to build 1000 page website
Automatic DUPLICATE control – never turn off the Googlebot by targeting the same keyword with multiple pages on your site
And much more.


P1 Keyword Planner

P1 Site Manager – Your State-Of-Art, Push-Button – Easy Website Building System

Here are the highlights of the P1 Site Manager:

1-Click Page/Post generator – just select a keyword, click ‘Create WP Page’ or ‘Create WP Post’ button & you have the keyword rich page ready
1-Click Category generator – instantly generate category for selected keyword, keeping the site SEO structure in place
Post Status Monitoring – instantly see which keywords are already used for content generation & which are still available
Structure Indicator – just select the keyword & you’ll instantly see where it’s on your site structure (a proper site structure is one of the most important pieces to claim high rankings in Google)
Complete integration with other parts of your WordPress dashboard – no need to navigate away from P1 Site Manager – access pages, posts, content generation … everything from a single page
And much more.

P1 Site Manager - Your State-Of-Art, Push-Button-Easy

P1 Content Curator – Your Automatic Content Generation System

Here are the highlights of P1 Content Curator:

1-CLICK content curation – just select an entire category/a single page/post in P1 Site Manager, click the ‘Generate WP Post(s)’ button & the default setup will instantly give you, UNIQUE, keyword rich & ‘Google-Approved’ content
Content Quality Control (CQC) – never risk your site to be penalized by Google due to duplicate content. With our CQC it simply will never happen
Instant Schema(dot)org Markup – get your posts ranked on first page of Google with other people’s videos – no need to waste time with video creation – this’s so freaking COOL!
Media Placement Control – specify video location on your posts or pages based on your business model to instantly grab attention & convert site visitors to subscribers/more viral traffic.
Manual Content Curation – in the mood for manual content creation? Get instant access to multiple content sources right from the page or post editor on WordPress
Automatic Multi-Author Curation – turn your blog to an authority website by assigning different personalities to each of your site categories

P1 Content Curator - Your Automatic Content Generation System

P1 Video Magnet WP Theme

Here are the highlights of P1 Video Magnet WP Theme:

Multi-layout Design… change your home page, post or page/even sidebar look to perfectly match your business needs, regardless whether you’re running a small niche site, huge authority website or local business lead generation site

Social Conversion System… engage your site visitors exactly where they’re on your website… get more leads to your email list, subscribers to your YouTube channel/viral traffic from social websites

MOTION technology… “read” the INTENT of your site visitors, engage them to browse more posts or pages on your site or simply get them to opt-in to your email list

Monetization System… display any type of ads – banner ads/AdSense or even opt-in forms, to the hottest & most converting spots on your website

P1 Video Magnet WP Theme


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