PC Masterclass Review – DISCOUNT & HUGE BONUS

PC Masterclass users are constantly exposed to: slow downs, malware, crashes, password theft, adware, ransomware and personal data mining – all of which mostly avoidable!

It’s never too later to carry out some essential PC maintenance and security tasks.

Here is why this is so important today:

– Most PCs slow down over time, need maintenance and security updates.
– Clogged up PC’s crash more so there’s more chance of losing work.
– Unsecured PCs are more likely to be hacked or infected.
– Even the best Antivirus software will not protect you against “ fake updates ” and new malware
– Only one in five Antivirus products detects new Malware/Ransomware
– Most PC users broadcast private infor unknowingly
– If you are hit by ransomware like GOZ and Cryptolocker you will lose all your data.

These are serious issues that PC users need to address – this is especially important if you rely on your PC or laptop for business.

ChrisHitman an IT Pro of 20+ years will walk you through fast essential maintenance, security and privacy tasks that will help protect your data and double your PC (laptop) speed & improve your privacy in minutes.

Chris will show you the same PC (Laptop) service tasks he uses to charge customer $75 per hour.

You will also get a full PC speed and security toolkit with all the tool and software you need to carry out the service.

It’s on offer right now – get a much faster & more reliable PC in minutes + learn valuable IT skills that you will use again &amp again.PC Masterclass Review and bonus-compressed

PS Masterclass 2016 Infor

  • Vendor: Chris Hitman
  • Product: PS Masterclass 2016
  • Release Date: 2016-04-16
  • Release Time: 10:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page: Click Here
  • Niche: Video

Let He Share 20 Years of IT Experience With You…
13 Essential PC (Laptop) Tasks That will Save You $$$$ + Headaches
The Stuff He used to to PC Service Field Engineers…Tip 1. Stop the rogue services that slow down your PC (laptop) and send data about you
Tip 2. Check the reputation of any suspect link/website before you click it
Tip 3. Clean up your browsers from toolbars, ad injectors and most hijackers
Tip 4. Protect your critical files/folders with FREE encryption
Tip 5. Remove files and stubborn malware that refuses to delete
Tip 6. Protect your FTP logins with FREE encryption
Tip 7. Clean up web junk, browser histories and password storing cookies
Tip 8. Enable protected private web browsing for safer web search
Tip 9. Perform a rapid and complete system backup for FREE
Tip 10. Avoid password theft by using secure password services
Tip 11. Batch Clean GPS Data from your photos for FREE
Tip 12. Protect against Modern Malware using same ways as Corporates



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