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What Is Push Button Influence?

The Push Button Influence is by invitation only. It’s a 6-month, private group for the development & deployment of Alex Mandossian’s and Steve Olsher’s brand-new training program,

You’ll be hand-trained with an eye towards making wildly successful case studies who will be featured throughout the extensive marketing, promotion & sale of the 2016 Push Button Influence launch & program.

Alex Mandossian and Steve Olsher and promises to become the most comprehensive training program ever developed to teach authors, coaches, speakers, consultants, professionals & small business owners the way to get more EXPOSURE, expand MARKETING REACH & secure more media VISIBILITY.

The combined experience of Alex and Steve has taught us them it’s not the people who have the best MESSAGE or the best MARKET that win… it’s the people who have the most MEDIA EXPOSURE that win.

And, today, it’s ALL about the power of new media. It teaches you the way to secure significant exposure by leveraging the power of new media to make & control your own distribution channel.
With it, you get a proven step-by-step blueprint that will significantly improve your odds of winning.Push Button Influence Review and bonus-compressed

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Push Button Influence Overview

It is with great pleasure that Alex & Steve bring you their 2016 edition and introduce you to 241 New Media Influencers Who Can Make You Famous With The Push Of A Button.
They have scoured the planet to compile this Directory and guide you towards those who can best help you ‘Broadcast Your Brilliance’. Inside, you will find today’s leading Podcasting, Blogging and Social Media influencers, complete with their photo, preferred new media platform, social media follower counts, short biography and email address
Choosing whom to feature, as you might imagine, was no small undertaking. Their team reviewed literally thousands of potential influencers before compiling the final lists. To make their determinations for inclusion, They created a ranking system based on the following:

• Their total number of social media followers

• The approximate number of page views for their site

• The average number of monthly downloads for their show

• Their Google Page Rank

• Whether or not their names are Alex Mandossian or Steve Olsher 🙂

• And, other applicable variables



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