Raising Twitter Followers In 7 Helpful Tips

As a matter of fact, although Twitter is considered to be quantity based and have almost nothing to do with quality, it does not mean that targeting Twitter followers is out of the picture. People don’t get back to you mostly after 3 days on Twitter. If you want to know the number and the specific people that has unfollowed you, Twitter Karma would be a site to serve you right called. Your Twitter friends and followers will be managed by this helpful tool which created to serve Twitter users. Astonishingly, the tool is completely free and is 100% legal with the Twitter API.

Let’s practice to get more targeted twitter followers with the following tipsRaising Twitter Followers In 7 Helpful Tips1-compressed

1 . To seek and find the most effective people related to your business and get to know their followers Just keep following their followers

You have more chances to get some of them to follow you back. Following the @ symbol is just type the name after, this is all things you have to do, this will greatly raise the chances of getting them into your Followers list. To be careful not to follow too many people simultaneously during doing this, or else, you would get a message for violating 1:1 rule and end up reported as spam. To keep in mind that your behavior is watched by Twitter and it try to make look like a natural process. To play safe, it is clever to go on following no more than 20 account per day. The tool has made this very easy for you, or you would have to hire a VA for this job.

2 . To make your posts more effective with limited number of Hash tags

One of the best human inventions in the online world is a #. People can know you online by this genius facilitates. Remember, your post will be appeared as spam, because you use too often or too excessive Hash tags. To try to keep it up to two per update and review your post before pressing the send button.

3 . To find the people tweeting about your specific search terms by effective tools

In this regard, the most effective tools are Search.twitter.com and twitter search box. Moreover, you must be very specific about your search to this, for example, you must search for related subjects as fitness, diet, exercise, weight loss, muscle building, etc if you are planning to tweet about health related subjects. In this case, you must follow accounts related to these subjects in the hope that they will follow you back and gain more followers.
Besides, TweetDeck, is other Twitter management tools, has also proved to be very useful with its inherent in search features that will bring you to the same results.Raising Twitter Followers In 7 Helpful Tips

4 . To be prominent and visible all the time!

The main idea is to be prominent and visible on every public place all the time. So, all your advertisements with your username is more prominent which is always typed in bold like your email signature, business cards, LinkedIn profile, blog, Facebook page, coffee mug, mouse pad, lunchbox or on forehead tattoo. You know, nothing can get attention more than big fat font.

5.  To become verified

Ellen Degeneres and Forbes, as many other big names in Hollywood and businesses, got their Twitter account verified. The main idea in verifying your Twitter account are to appear trustworthy, gain popularity, and attract more followers. To go and verify your account if you have earned some fan base and till haven’t been verified. The verification also acts as a copyright mark; it’s very useful if you are vast in business and scared of being copy by those copycats.

6 . To design a one-and-only and content background for your profile

If you think that the design of your Twitter account only has little or no influence on the followers, you are completely wrong. It is surely better to give your profile a one-and-only and content background. This would perfectly lend a hand in floating your identity, as well as providing a very professional and attractive look to your home. If you are a good designer you may do it yourself, or else you can take this task done by a professional designer. But if you want to make a professional impression to the viewers, make sure not to fill your Twitter with sparkles or glitter. Just google custom twitter background, to get for more details about creating your profile background. Besides, although several default backgrounds are also available on Twitter, you should completely find a professional custom made design for better results.

7 . To upload only clear and attractive pictures

To get a better representation, it is recommended to upload clear and attractive photographs for your followers. Who doesn’t love a clear high definition photo? The pictures lend a hand in depicting who you are. When you choose to take pictures for your Twitter profile, you should always pay a considerable attention.
For the best results, let’s try to practice as many as you can or all of the above 7 tips. This will be able to earn tons and tons of targeted Twitter followers. Your website may lead to your business success and increase in sale when it attract maximum visitors.

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