ReClick 2.0 Review

ReClick 2.0 Review – Please read through my honest reviews about ReClick 2.0 before choosing it.

ReClick 2.0 just went live for the early bird offering & the whole internet has just gone bonkers talking & raving about it

…watch this video + get your early bird access!

Over the past few days, I have been talking about this new marketing platform and that is rightfully so because it is absolutely so.

Reclick review

ReClick 2.0 App is the 1st ever cloud marketing software that uses behaviour-monitoring engine & customer-driven funnels technology to acquire audiences on the fly there is nothing quite like it on JVZoo, this is flat out revolutionary!

And as you know, I always put together awesome bonuses when I am promoting high quality products – for ReClick 2.0, I literally went beserk & even got together extra bonuses for you when you buy the OTO 1 upsell (ReClick 2.0 PRO) through me.

What this software basically do for you is let you create powerful & super-profitable campaigns that’re tailored to the perfect audiences on your websites, blogs, landing pages & stores so that your offers will be absolutely irresistible.

Go here to see ReClick 2.0 in action

If you market online using landing pages, videos, blogs & eCommerce stores then you definitely need this new platform that skyrocket your revenue.

ReClick 2.0 App is not about

Getting more traffic…

Replacing your current marketing method

Giving you another landing page/site builder. It is a platform to optimize your already existing marketing campaigns, video presentations, landing pages, online stores to get more leads & make more sales using never seen before behaviour segmentation marketing technology that’ll study the behaviour of a customer on your page & tailor an irresistible offer to them based on their behaviour automatically.

You do not need to lift a finger… just setup the campaigns which takes less than TWO minutes – everything else is taken care of by the software on complete autopilot.

Is Not it awesome?

Right now, ReClick 2.0 App just went live for early bird offering & for a limited time only, you are able to lock in your lifetime access to the cloud-based marketing platform for some bucks.

In few days, they’ll close down the offer & begin charging the standard monthly subscription fees to this is your only oppotunities to get locked in for life for a really low one-time fee.

>> GO HERE to lock in your lifetime access to ReClick 2.0

I also prepared awesome bonuses if you order ReClick 2.0 through me…

ReClick 2.0 Info

  • Vendor: Precious Ngwu
  • Product: ReClick 2.0
  • Launch Date: 2016-02-01
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $67
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: Software

ReClick 2

What is ReClick 2.0?

ReClick 2.0 is a monster marketing platform that allows you to place a single line of code to let you to take control of your traffic &  convert more visitors (especially the ones about to leave) into leads &  customer.

Over the past 2 years, they have been perfecting this app & in the last one year, they have totally overhauled it &  inserted brand new features included the “matting & sticky gum marketing technologies” to redefine the way you develop your Business.

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What Is ReClick 2.0 Features?

Re-Capture, Re-Engage and Re-Market in Minutes collect leads, sell your products, provide coupons, promote aff offers & more

Opt-in Forms and Lead Capture

Instantly collect highly targeted and responsive leads from your super-engaged customer depending on their behaviour for maximum results. You are able to re-capture your already exiting traffic and re-engage your idle visitors using highly targeted campaigns are custom-tailored to specific cutomers.

Discounts, Coupons and Sales Offers

You are able to instantly offer discounts & coupon codes to your abandoning prospects & close 3x more sales than your standard sales funnel – this’s great if you own a local business or sell physcial products, we use it all the time ourselves.

Your Customer Engagement is ensured Everytime & Tailored to Deliver Maximum Profits

(ReClick 2.0 comes with the Mints App’s flagship client-driven funnels technology, the 1st of it’s kind)

Binary Campaigns

Find out exactly which products your customer prefer & sell exactly that to them – this has worked insanely well for us in selling our apparels & jewelries, we use this to hold contests and collect super-responsive leads too.

Multi-poll Campaigns

We basically call this the engagement pile-driver & absolutely nothing comes close to this campaign-type when it is time to get your audience talking about any topic & fully engaged with your brand & products.

This is also great for catching trends & you know trending topics and offers are very profitable especially for eCommerce & Fan page based marketing.

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Stop Bleeding Traffic – Convert Visitors Who Are About to Leave Your WebSite into Subscribers And Paying Clients

New exit-intent technology

Each single time you drive traffic to your lead pages & sales offers – you lose from 70% to 95% of that traffic, these are a bunch of folks who will just land on your websites & leave without subscribing or buying anything, & they never return. You keep spending more money to generate more traffic as you keep bleeding badly… our new ReClick 2.0 App with Exit-Intent technology will plug that leak & convert 3x more web visitors with your abandoning traffic.

Integral Pattern Disrupt Full screen campaigns

ReClick 2.0 features full screen pattern disrupt marketing technology that ensures every single web visitor feels the impact & is conered to take action on your campaigns

Works seamlessly across all devices

Boost your mobile conversions & revenue with mobile-friendly campaigns

Catch your web visitor’s eye with Reclick Appearance effects

No matter how good your marketing is… it won’t bring any result if it isn’t noticed

Reclick App effects is a signature technology that assists you catch web visitor’s attention with animated effects. With over 40 in-built eye-catchy effects & animations.

All you have to do is select the effect that you want from the sub-menu while creating your optin & save settings.

ReClick 2.0 has more high converting and beautiful templates

If your templates look something out of a 1990 horror movie, no matter how good your offer… it’ll not convert. Any intelligent marketer knows that template is everything when it comes to converting sales & leads online… unluckily that’s where most other platforms fail you big time but with ReClick 2.0, you will have access to dozens of beautiful templates ready to be deployed at the push of a button.

ReClick 2.0 comes preloaded with a very sleek & easy to us & super flexible editor

It does not stop at templates, you need an editor that’ll let you to customize these templates & create campaigns at lightening speed with so much flexibility that you can easily create anything from scratch within a few minutes if you wished.

ReClick 2.0 is Extremely Intelligent

With over 50 “mix & match” automation rules & global settings, I can tell you that ReClick 2.0 is one of the most responsible & intelligent re-engagement marketing platform I have ever seen. There is over 50 potential combinations of their automation rules… you can easily configure your ReClick 2.0 campaigns to behave in ways you would not believe were possible & all these’re 100% performance based yet you will not find them in all the other over priced tools.

No Monthly Members – Pay Once & Use for Life

Do you hate when those re-bills & subscription payments hit your account? Well, guess what… so do thousands of your other clients & subscribers, they hate it, they do not want it… ReClick 2.0 is a perfect marketing tool they can be using regularly in their business to get more results without having to pay for it monthly.

No Throttling & Unlimited Traffic!

Most other platforms do not even offer half of our features yet they will ask you to pay monthly subscription fees & as if that isn’t enough, they restrict how many visitors you are able to  get per month… most popular amongst them is $49 per Month subscription with 10,000 monthly visits, if you get more than 10.000 visits, your campaigns get cut off until you upgrade your account & pay more money. With ReClick 2.0, Precious Ngwu will not put you through this crap, you pay 1 single fee… you get access for life & you run unlimited traffic

The Only Platform of this Kind with Collaboration Technology

For any campaign or project, collaboration & teamwork is key to success yet the technology powering is usually very complex, hard & costly to build, this’s why you will only see it in mega platforms like Google Docs, Dropbox, Trello, etc., you will never see it in your regular software & this’s why none of our supposed competitors have it… yet, this’s another feature that ReClick 2.0 clients will enjoy effortlessly.

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Who, What & Where Can You Use ReClick 2.0 for?

On Your Blogs & Websites

Do you’ve a personal blog, a portfolio or a web-site where you connect with your audience… just copy a simple script code from ReClick campaign, paste it there & watch as it grows your online presence for you everyday.

On Your Sales Pages

They use this a lot theirselves, whenever they launch products they place it on their sites, in our last 2 launches of CBS Formula & FlowLeads, it helped them capture over 5,000 new email leads and grossed $48,837 extra sales within 14 days (combined)… just place the code & their software does the whole work.

On All Your Lead Capture & Landing Pages

Time to fix those bad opt-in rates, you drive traffic to a lead capture page, you get an abysmal 12% opt-in rate (which is very common) and you are probably paying $1 – $3 per click on this – imagine the loss yet this is normal & happening everyday.

Time to plug that leak… use ReClick to stop visitors about to leave & recapture, even if you could only convert just 30% of those pre-sold visitors then then you’ll easily skyrocket your opt-in rate to 40 and 50% effortlessly.

On Your Shopify and eCom Stores

Do you sell physical products on-line? Maybe you’ve a Shopify store, sell with Amazon, you use WooCommerce or any eCom store… if you want your store to become the “dream shoppers magnets” you have always wanted it to be then you need to integrate ReClick 2.0 in your store to literally force your visitors to add products to cart & make that purchase – they have lots of customisable eCommerce metrics.

Video Marketers

They have seen upwards of 30% – 60% conversions whenever we used ReClick on videos, you rhyme perfectly. Any place you market with videos, you can configure ReClick to show up at a certain point in the video, maybe just right at that second when pitch has peeked and it’s time to close the sale… ReClick will do the magic for you.

To Max ROI on Your Paid Traffic (FB ads, Google adwords etc.)

You do not want to run ads without making sure that you are squeezing out every penny from the traffic, for every click you did not convert… you did not just loose potential profits, you have wasted the money you used to pay for the click… ReClick fixes this.

Any Place You Want to Capture Leads and Buyers before the Visitors Leave your Site

With bounce rate at a record high since the past 2 years… there’s no better time to start using a pattern interrupt and exit-intent technology in your marketing campaigns than right now

Your turn

“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

Not only are you getting access to ReClick 2.0 for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. ReClick 2.0 include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose ReClick 2.0, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for ? Try ReClick 2.0 today and get The Following Bonus Now !





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