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SmartVideo By Videoremix Review

SmartVideo by VideoRemix is the brand new software that integrates seamlessly with FaceBook to showcase customer’s profile info instantly on any video. No other tool can do this.

SmartVideo By Videoremix Review And Overview

What Is SmartVideo By Videoremix

Cloud-based App Enables You To Personalize & Profit From Any Video In Just 3 Steps:

1. IMPORT MEDIA: Quickly import media including YTube or Vimeo videos, record audio via Clyp.it and mix, mash, combine and edit the media.

2. TAG TO PERSONALIZE: Insert text and image personalization, popups, etc., which insert stunning layers to your videos giving them a professional edge.

3. PUBLISH TO 1000’s: Leverage autoresponders, landing pages and FB. Distribute videos to 1,000’s with every viewer receiving a unique video.

With SmartVideo by VideoRemix, you can easily do the following things:

Surges your conversions: Forrester confirms that personalized video has been shown to boost click-through rates by up to 985%.

Amplifies your engagement: Insert clickable personal calls-to-action inside your videos. Engaging your customers 10x more than a regular video ever could.

Increases your ROI: Personalized video campaigns have resulted in a 10-fold improvement in ROI for huge brands such as AT&T.

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How Does SmartVideo by VideoRemix Work?


Import any video: Any Media into Video Editor & Edit – Simply import ANY video you’d like to personalize & mix, mash, combine and modify to your heart’s content. Use any videos of your own. Or simply add a link from Vimeo or You Tube. You can even mash up multiple videos!

Play with audio: Remove existing audio from videos.  Insert new audio. Record & insert new audio via Clyp.it. Or add new voice over.

Insert images to your videos: Insert photographs. Insert gifs. Insert graphics.

Trim to perfection: Cut videos & audio. Trim videos & audio.


For Maximum Engagement and Insert Elements Insert stunning personalized elements to your videos giving them the ‘WOW’ Factor & a super-professional edge. SmartVideo by VideoRemix even personalizes your videos from info gathered from your customer’s FB profile! This’s completely unique to SmartVideo by VideoRemix. No other software on the market can do this.


Whether you have a list or not, they have made it easy to get your personalized videos out there and begin making you money… No matter how you select to easily share them – SmartVideo by VideoRemix personalized videos are the ultimate way to give every of your prospects a meaningful and personal experience that’ll leave them salivating to sign up to your list, desperate to buy your product or keen to click on your offer.

You can easily embed any of your newly created personalized videos into any of your sites, blogs or landing pages

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Take Action Today And You'll Also Get The Following Bonus!

SmartVideo by VideoRemix’s Key Features

Build & Grow your subscriber list with opt-ins & lead magnets

  • Increase your optins with personalized SmartVideo by VideoRemix your prospects will enjoy watching when they land on your landingpages or click on your ads.
  • Further boost your opt-in conversions by enticing your viewers to unlock a personalized video after subscribing.

Make more eCommerce & physical product sales

  • Create custom quiz VideoRemix videos, add images & names of the last product your client bought or geotarget products to clients.
  • Give your prospects a concrete idea of what they are personalized items will look like when they click that buy button. Seeing what their product will look like on their own sales video is certainly going to tip them over the edge.

Sell More Information and Software Products

  • Creatively add a customer’s name into sales videos, inert clickable CTAs and offer personalized discounts to specific customers.

Improve Your Aff Promotions

  • Insert quick intros and outros with your voiceover to existing aff videos, insert targeted personalization and clickable calls-to-action with your aff link.
  • Your prospects are overwhelmed with many emails & ads each single day. Your aff promotions are going to stand out when each one of your prospects sees a personalized video created especially for them. To them, it looks like you’re making the ultimate effort and it pays dividends in your conversions and your bank balance.

Thanks for your reading my honest SmartVideo By Videoremix review.


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