Snapchat Stories Or Instagram Stories: Which Is Best for Your Content

Which is the best for you: Snapchat Stories or Instagram Stories?

Understanding the unique differences & capabilities of stories on Snapchat & Instagram can help you determine where to make your marketing time.

In this article, you’ll discover the differences between Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories.

#1: How Content Posts Differ

Snapchat takes you share your content through a single track “a story”, which is made up of 24 hours’ worth of video snaps or image that you have shared. Once a snap is 24 hours old, customers can no longer watch it unless you reshare it. The purely episodical nature of Snapchat works to promote timely engagement & audience retention through consistent sharing.snapchat-stories-or-instagram-stories1-compressed

Instagram, on the other hand, takes you share content through two tracks: the feed & stories. Your feed is eternal, whereas your stories have a 24-hour shelf life. You can generate urgency while making consistent & engaging content for your Instagram followers.

Here is a closer look at how Instagram & Snapchat stories work.

Instagram Posts & Stories

To up to your Instagram feed, tap the camera icon to take a new video or image or make a selection from your device’s album. Then you can select a filter & a cover thumbnail (for videos only), add a caption, tag users, a location & post the gram to your feed. The post will remain in your feed.

With the new Instagram update, you also share stories. To add to your Instagramtap on the plus sign inside the broken circle located at the top left of your Instagram screen.snapchat-stories-or-instagram-stories11-compressed

Next, tap or hold down the white button to capture a 10-second video or a still image for your story. You can add a filter, colors, doodles of varying pen types & lines of text to your story gram. Once you post to your Instagram, the gram will only be 24 hours.

Users who tap on your Instagram story can fast-forward through your sections by tapping the screen, or replay a section by tapping the navigation bars along the top of the screen.

Snapchat Stories

To add to your Snapchat story, hold down the white button to capture a still image or a 10-second video . You can then doodles, stickers, add filters, and text to your snap. Once you post to your Snapchat, the snap will only be for 24 hours.

Even though you share snaps from Memories, they are still available for only 24 hours. There’s no permanent feed obtainable on Snapchat.snapchat-stories-or-instagram-stories12-compressed

Users who tap on your Snapchat story can fast-forward through your sections by tapping the screen. To replay any sections, they’ll need to back out of your story & reenter it to watch every snap once in sequence.

Bottom line: Snapchat relies on 24-hour stories, providing content that is purely episodic & temporary to users. Instagram content can be delivered episodically through stories or more permanently through the feed.

#2: How Filters Compare

The Stories elements in both apps provide filters that you can apply to your images & videos. What sets Snapchat apart are the  face-mapping filters, geofilters, and motion filters.

Snapchat Geofilters for Location-Based Snaps

When you want a customized geofilter to reflect a location or event , Snapchat geofilters will frame video snaps or your image with branding & themes. While large organizations often support geofilters on a bigger scale, Snapchat also lets you use and create your own geofilter.

For more personal filters or casual, you can design & submit a community geofilter that highlights a local event. For events or locations that element a brand & prompt awareness or deals, on-demand it can include logos. Snapchat Face-Mapping & Motion Filters for Creative Snapssnapchat-stories-or-instagram-stories2-compressed

When making your Snapchat stories, you can use the face-mapping & motion filters toincorporate creativity & linear motion into your sequential snaps.

If you press on your image in the capture screen, Snapchat will map your face & allow you to apply one of several filters, which will regulate based on your movement & expression.snapchat-stories-or-instagram-stories21-compressed

Motion filters will turn your videos into fast-motion, slow-motion, or reverse-motion snaps, as shown below.

For your posts to Instagram’s feed, you have always been able to apply filters to change the color, lighting and contrast,  of your images or videos. You can apply these same filters to your Instagram story. Here is a brief look at how you swipe through filters. Although you can regulate the levels & intensity of the Instagram feed filters, you can’t regulate the filters applied to your Instagram story.

Bottom line: Instagram filters are limited to contrast, overall color, and lighting adjustments. Snapchat filters make more options for motion, customization, and branding from the filters themselves.

#3: How Hashtags Work

Hashtags job as topical themes, as well as searchable links. How do they run in Instagram and Snapchat and do they run in stories?

You can use hashtags in your Instagram & Snapchat stories to indicate segment topics or commentary. However, the hashtags do not make any functionality for users. Users can’t tap a hashtag to search for that term within the app.snapchat-stories-or-instagram-stories3

However, Instagram’s feed, does let users tap a hashtag in a comment or caption to do a find of that phrase within the app. As you consider your use of Snapchat stories or Instagram stories, using hashtag functionality within either app may influence your plan.

Bottom line: You can’t use functional hashtags within stories on Snapchat or Instagram. However, you can use hashtags in Instagram’s feed & search functions.


Although there’re other differences between Instagram stories & Snapchat stories, these contrasting characteristics will help you choose which platform works best for your content & goals. You can decide to use both in different ways based on how your product can be delivered to your customers.



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