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Social Autobots Review an Huge BonusSocial Autobots Review

Social Autobots is the first product to automate interaction with your market through Fb & Instagram by running in the background of your pc 24/7.

It’s kind of like having 50 social media managers working full time to market your brand while bringing in leads,followers, and sales.

But what does it cost to obtain these leads & followers? Nothing.

Social Autobots will generate 1000s of leads & followers in your marketplace for you without spending money.

You need to definitely check out the product demo below to find out the best way this software works…

Summary : Social Autobots

  • Product: Social Autobots
  • Vendor: Luke Maguire
  • Release Date: 6/16/2015
  • Price: $47 (Limited Time)
  • Bonus Value: $50k+ (Exclusive Offer)
  • Official Site: SocialAutobots.com


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Social Autobots Review

Social Autobots is automated software program that quietly runs in the background of your Personal computer or Apple pc & interacts with your market through Fb & Instagram.

It’s actually the very first product to leverage both Fb & Instagram – 2 of the most powerful social platforms – in this manner.

Social Autobots automatically makes viral social accounts in your market & attracts 1000s of fans in the process without costing you a penny.

So what’s the benefit here? There are several benefits from having several social properties with fans, but here is one example.

You could use the fan pages to drive huge amounts of targeted visitors to your web-sites with the click of a button.

You could also build specific lists from your new leads & fans. For example, you could build a list that consists of people that earn over $200k each year.

It is a great feeling when you’re able to drive traffic to your without completely relying on SEO & highly competitive search engine rankings that can literally take a dive overnight.

Since the system is completely automated & hands free, it can go without saying that you don’t need to have technical skill or prior experience to obtain the most out of this software.

And the vendors realize that installing software is not second nature to everybody which is why their top notch support team will offer to install Social Autobots on your pc for you through Team Viewer.

In a nutshell, when Social Autobots is running on autopilot, it’s locating your target markets in seconds & then proceeds to interact, message,add, join, follow, and contact real people in these markets.

This converts into leads & traffic which converts to sales & profits. And all of this is done without spending any money in the process.

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Instamate (Option)

Instamate is the worlds first and only all in one Instagram web software

Here are some of the features of Social Autobots:


  • Friend Adder (add competitor pages fans as friends)
  • friend finder (find your target market on fb in secs)
  • Page Finder (Find niche market pages and join them on auto-pilot)
  • Page Joiner (Automatically join 100s of niche market fan pages in secs)
  • Page commenter (automatically comment on all your niche market pages you’ve liked)
  • Group Finder (Find 100s of niche market groups in secs)
  • Group Joiner (Join these niche market groups with the click of a single button)
  • Group commenter (comment image,text, or video posts into as many Facebook groups you like in one click)
  • Group EMAIL inviter (Invite your entire e-mail list to your Facebook group in secs, even if you’re not friends with them)
  • Event creator and Inviter (create a Facebook event and invite your entire friends list to it in secs)
  • Facebook content gatherer – down load 100s of photo updates for your fan page in secs
  • Viral Video gatherer – Get 100s of trending viral videos in seconds to schedule on your fan pages


  • Hash Tag liker and Commenter – Enter a single or multiple hash tags and have your Instagram accounts comment & like on these photos on auto-pilot
  • Users Followers Liker and Commenter – enter your competitors Usernames and also have you Instagram account start to interact with THEIR followers on auto-pilot by liking & commenting on their photos 24/7
  • #tag follower and Users followers follower – Automatically follow your niche market on Instagram through hash tags or through your competitors followers!
  • Unfollower – Unfollow all users, or just unfollow users who’re NOT following you back!

Social Autobots – Pricing

Social Autobots will be available starting on 6/16 at 11:00 AM EDT. Ben Adkins will be offering a special discount at the beginning of the release and for a limited time you can buy this product for $47. I’m also giving away the FREE Huge Bonus products listed below when you purchase through my page…

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