Social Directory Review – SHOULD YOU BUY?

Social Directory Review & Bonuses – The best way to Earn money Selling Digital Products on Facebook

Have you been thinking about Social Directory, wondering if it is the right product for you and whether it really can do what’s claimed? Then you have arrived at the perfect place. This Social Directory review will look at the Social Directory app in a critical and thorough method to provide you with the full picture on the product and whether it is the greatest solution available, and of course most importantly whether it is really worth your hard earned money.

Social Directory Review and bonus

Who’re the makers of Social Directory?

Social Directory was made by Karthik Ramani and Chad Nicely. Both online marketers with lots of years of experience and several very successful product releases behind him. If there’s somebody who understands niches and finding new markets, it’s these guys, so for me that gets Social Directory off to a good start. Of course, track records don’t always mean a great product, but I’ve enjoyed a couple of their previous products so I view that involvement as a good thing.

What’s Social Directory?

Social Directory is a piece of software that enables you to make niche specific directories on your Fb fan pages. Not only create them, but make directories with drop down menus, parts for reviews, the ability to add banners advertising spaces so that you can rent out (a first!) and even sell digital or ecommerce products through your fan page on Fb all done very fast and incredibly simply.
This may on the surface seem just a little underwhelming, but is really a big deal, and also it changes the best way to use Fb as a tool for your marketing. The software does it all for you without needing any special coding or design skills, and with the admin side hosted by Social Directory themselves and of course, Fb hosting the directory, you do not even need a web site to make the most of this chance.

Social Directory Overview

  • Vendor: Karthik Ramani et al
  • Product: Social Directory
  • Launch Date: 2014-12-19
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $17
  • JV Page: http://www.socialdirectory.io
  • Niche: Software

How does Social Directory Software work?

■ With eighteen built-in templates there’s a option to suit any market or application in Social Directory, and with the ability consist of those banner advertising, customer header, custom tab for your directory and all the custom photos and video clips you want, it’s very simple, and extremely quick, to make a unique directory for whatever niche you are looking at surprisingly rapidly.
■ The same system can be employed to sell products, whether they are digital or physical, and it is great for online marketers. A dropdown to choose product catagories and then products themselves is easily made, reviews and the link for purchase can all be included right from within the app and uploaded straight to the Fanpage. Affiliate marketing online leveraging Facebooks popularity with no need for domain names and hosting? That sounds good to me!
■ As a standalone, point and click web-based app Social Directory enables anyone to turn their Fb fan page into a full directory, with drop down menus for reviews and each product, service or business featured within the directory so finding the right one is simple and the page is never cluttered.
■ All things are done from within Social Directory itself and the directory can be published straight to your Fanpage with a single click. You can use this to make local directories for various niches, restaurants for instance, where customers can leave reviews and owners can respond to clients if they wish providing businesses with the client engagement that’s so valuable today.
■ banner advertising can be included within the directory and there are many templates to choose from to get the look that best suits the niche. This can be used to earn money both from your banner ads and businesses, where you could easily charge a monthly fee to be included on the directory.
■ It all uploads right to your Facebook Fanpage from within the app itself, so there is no need for any sort of coding or design knowledge, you just point and click to make the page and upload. There you have it, your custom local directory, affiliate page or whatever else you can think of to use this for, all ready for use.
■ Of course, there’s another aspect to this, promoting the page. This has always been the largest challenge of any online endeavor, getting people to see your offer, doubly so on Fb, as it’s not really set up to promote to groups of people. However, this is where the Fanpage foundations come in, because they have inbuilt tools from Fb itself for promotion. So not simply will Fb host your new venture, they’ll assist you to promote it too!
■ Social Directory includes 6 local marketing templates for niche directories, 6 for ecommerce directories for selling pretty much anything you like, and six for Affiliate Marketing. This means that no matter what your idea is for your online business, you can quickly create a Fb directory to suit.
What are the features of Social Directorj? Being able to use Fb as an income builder is a good idea, and by turning a Fanpage into a directory, complete with ad banners to rent out,promotional videos, reviews, buy buttons and anything else you may need means that this is now possible for many more people.
Local Directories and affiliate marketing can now be done without even owning your own web-site, or having any coding or design knowledge. To achieve this easily and quickly Social Directory has several features built to make things straightforward, as well as features to make it much more effective, as we can see:
■ Point and Click software – You don’t need to have any coding or design knowledge. The software guides you through the process and with eighteen templates to choose from, you’ll always discover the perfect one for any project.
■ No need for SSL certificates – Fb hosting takes care of it all!
■ Built in Review Mechanism – Whether you are running a local business directory or an affiliate marketing page, every individual business or product has its own place for ratings and reviews. perfect for affiliates and adds a wealth of value to a local business directory.
■ No hosting or additional fees – With everything on Fb there’s no need for domains, hosting or any additional expense to get started. Social Directory host all the admin, so it truly is point and click.
■ Very easily add categories – it’s easy to add categories for your products or directory listings, and with the drop down menu design, the Fanpage never becomes cluttered.
■ Banner ads – Yes, you could have banner advertising right on your Fanpage directory. You are able to rent these out for additional income or advertise your own businesses if you prefer.
■ Add in you sales funnel – it’s easy to add in calls to action such as buy buttons and click to call features, making your own web store easily without needing your own website.
■ Google Maps Integration – easily integrate Geo-Location into your directory. This really is ideal for local business directories, allowing users to not only find a service with a good review, whether it is restaurants, grocery stores or any other niche, but see where exactly they’re and the way to find them. This really is real added value for local business owners, and that’s why they’ll happily pay to be included in your
■ Visual Appeal – You can add pictures, videos and anything you need for great visual impact easily and quickly. Your directory can be ready within a few minutes.

Who is Social Directory App aimed at?

Social Directory is great for anybody who would like to use the power of Fb to create an income. Whether this is online marketers selling digital or physical products, anyone with something to sell, for instance small business owners who can’t justify the expense of an ecommerce site, or entrepreneurs looking to create directory services for local businesses.

Social Directory Review Conclusion

We’ve mentioned as few times throughout this Social Directory Review that the idea of utilizing Fb Fanpages as a way of making a directory, ecommerce or affiliate site, complete with banner advertising and anything else minus the costs and complications of domains and hosting is a good one. In this regard Social Directory is a real winner, it enables anyone to use Fb in an effective and useful way that was, previously, beyond most of us. Fb has long been seen as a vital component of a marketing strategy, but is not always the easiest of things to use effectively.
Social Directory changes this, however, and this is probably the standout part for me that I wish to talk about first. It is incredibly easy to use. You can create a great looking directory with all the features you would like very fast, with no complication, and then it’s uploaded and sent live all from the software itself. You don’t need to understand what is being done, it just happens. For the non-technical amongst us, this is perhaps the best part, exactly what the software can do, and it’s all very impressive, is no good if we cannot make the most of it.

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