Branding: How It Works in the Social Media Age

Branding: How It Works in the Social Media Age

Branding & social media — they seem to go together so well, yet they are both widely misunderstood. While social media may serve as a gigantic megaphone for your brand, social media tools like FB & Twitter can also let a company a golden chance to shoot itself in the figurative foot.

How are people using social media to interrelate with brands? How are companies using the power of social media to achieve more customers? Who is most accessible to brands on Twitter? How about on FB?

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It is time to shed some light on branding & social media, and to do that, AYTM Market Research surveyed 2.000 Internet users, randomly selected from its huge built-in online panel. The users asked a variety of questions about how online users like to get updates about brands, where they want to hang out online, the types of people brand managers can believe to encounter in the social media universe and whether prospective clients prefer to interact with brands on social media.




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