SociTrafficJet Review

SociTrafficJet Review – SociTrafficJet is Dead-Simple WordPress Plugin That Drives 100% FREE REAL Traffic from RED HOT Social Media Giants To Any Site in Any Niche In Just A Few Clicks

SociTrafficJet Review And Overview

What Is SociTrafficJet?

SociTrafficJet is a set & forget 100% newbie friendly WordPress Plugin that drives 100% REAL server crushing FREE targeted traffic from social media giants FB, Twitter & Instagram to any site in any niche on complete autopilot. You can make money like crazy by driving unlimited supply of laser targeted traffic hands down in any niche.

And that is just the beginning. Along with having the power to drive tons of targeted social media traffic that’s ripe for the taking, you will also get complete logs & reports for your campaigns that will help you fix any loopholes & get higher ROI from your marketing campaigns.

So, if you want to promote a Real hands free system that gives huge boost traffic, engagement, opt-ins & revenue, then you shouldn’t miss this.

Guys, this’s an ultimate plugin that everybody with a site needs. And that’s not all. They are also providing easy-to-understand training videos that’ll enable you to make best use of it in a simple & convenient way.

No other plugin comes close to this ultimate traffic machine In terms of features And performance…
Now you can do wonders by following these 3 simple steps…

Step 1: Add Keywords
First, put a keyword in our software to find all the related posts or offers in your site. You just choose the blog posts or add URL where you need to get traffic to, and allow their software do the magic.

Step 2: Select Social Media
Now, choose FB, Twitter & Instagram groups, pages & timelines where you want to share your post to drive hordes of targeted traffic for your offers, you’re almost done

Step 3: Enjoy Traffic & Profits
Now the action begins, SociTrafficJet gets into active mode & attracts real people in any niche in a complete automated manner, and you sit back & watch profits grow leaps & bounds

SociTrafficJet is for everybody. No matter what kind of niche you are in, this software can make a significant difference for you…

Features Of SociTrafficJet

1. You can create unlimited campaigns & drive high converting traffic from FB, Twitter & Instagram

Getting targeted traffic is the most important criterion for the success of each business. And, without targeted traffic, all your marketing efforts can go down the drain.

So, with SociTrafficJet, you have the ultimate power to create unlimited campaigns & drive traffic from to FB, Twitter & Instagram that ultimately increases your sales & profits.

2. Promote 1 post or page multiple times with multiple campaigns in parallel to get more eyeballs to see your social posts

This’s something that’ll literally take the industry by the storm. Do you want to get more traffic to every of your posts from multiple niches?

Well guys, that is not a problem anymore. SociTrafficJet lets you promote posts/pages across multiple campaigns at the same time so you get double or even triple targeting and traffic.

3. Find high potential FB groups & pages with the Traffic Finder

We all know that FB is filled with oceans of traffic. But, how to tap into that traffic remains an unsolved mystery for countless marketers.

You can breathe easy as with this unique innovative feature, you can easily search FB pages and groups that have the maximum potential & drive hordes of traffic for your offers.

4. Get accurate reports & logs for all your campaigns

For any kind of traffic campaigns, tracking and logs are of prime importance. SociTrafficJet provides accurate analytics for each action and assists you evaluate what is going on with your campaigns and how they’re performing at any given time period.

So, you can discover what was shared & where you are getting traffic from along with a success link.

Also, discover which campaign is pending or scheduled, and much more… you will have full control over your automation.

5. Make campaign scheduling easy with scheduler

They know that it is very important to send the campaigns at the right moment. So, their in-built scheduler helps you schedule your posts & not worry about sharing them at specified time.

6. Preview & edit all your social posts

Now this’s something that’ll really prove to be of great worth for your marketing efforts. Imagine having the power to preview any/all your posts before they actually go live.

Now, you can immediately preview your social posts & customise them to get best possible results from your traffic campaigns.

You can easily edit your social posts, change the image or make any other change to make sure that your posts look visually appealing and give you more clicks & traffic.

7. Generate a tsunami of FREE targeted lifetime customers in any niche without investing in ads

That is completely true. Now you do not need to invest in paid ads 7 remain at their mercy for getting traffic.

With SociTrafficJet, you can easily get 100% Real traffic from around the globe – from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, or India. And the best part is, all this traffic can be used in any way you want for your business.

8. Increase engagement & viewership for your social posts in ONE click

SociTrafficJet has been custom designed to give you best results for your marketing efforts. With its immense power, you can increase engagement & viewership for your posts in a simple & easy manner.

All you need to do is just press a button, and SociTrafficJet will share posts on your behalf, and you get traffic without any technical hassles. Ultimately, you can easily grab more eye balls for your posts that’d lead to a drastic boost in your visitors, and ultimately increase sales & profits hands down.

9. Get unlimited visitors, leads & sales on complete autopilot

SociTrafficJet is a truly tried & tested system that works completely on autopilot –all you have to do is set it up, press one button & that is all.

The software works completely in the background & you can keep working on your website as normal. In a few days you can get 1000s of real visitors on compete autopilot.

All you need to do is just sit back & see your profits grow by leaps & bounds.

10. 100% automated easy to profits system

That feels something big, but this’s a reality with SociTrafficJet. Now, you do not have to turn your hair grey about getting traffic to your website each single day.

All you need to do is activate your campaign, and their software will keep on working continuously & get you traffic in any niche you want in a hands down manner.

11. Very Easy & Intuitive Dashboard To Manage Everything

You also can manage your campaigns right inside dashboard. It is again very easy process to insert, delete or edit a campaign.

Their sleek & beautiful interface has a deep concentrate on providing a great user experience for you. Easy campaign inserting, editing that even grandma can use it.

Much much more is waiting inside…You need to feel it for yourself.

12. Step-by-Step Training To Make Everything Easy For You…

Yep, they know software can get complex. And while SociTrafficJet is DEAD easy to use, they wanted to make 100% sure it is accessible to everybody and everybody can make money with it. That is why they did 2 things:

#1 They’ve inserted in-depth video training for each feature so you can always look at the RIGHT way to do things

#2 They’re also offering 24/7 on-going premium support so you are always just a message away from having your problem solved.

So, you do not need to spare a thought about any kind of advertising, PPC, PPV or any other kind of paid traffic methods.

Upsell 1 SociTrafficJet Elite ($57)

5X your Profits by automating everything!
Elite Edition is packed with solid features that you’ll surely love. With this edition, you have no limits, you can easily automate the complete process & create Unlimited Traffic campaigns to drive more traffic to your website across any number of posts or pages you want

And, you’ll also get Developer’s license to SociTrafficJet so you can charge any amount to your clients as per your choice, whether you want to make $500 per website or $1000– they will not charge users anything.

Upsell 2: SociTrafficJet Enterprise ($77)

10X your profits from just push of a button.
The Enterprise edition is packed with GOLD features. Now, you can MAKE $1000-$2000 using SociTrafficJet by getting highly targeted traffic from 2 more social media giants- LinkedIn, Pinterest as well. You can also get high quality backlinks on your site by driving targeted traffic from 3 top social bookmarking sites Tumblr, Reddit, Bitly as well.

It can’t get better than this. This’s a great opportunity to 10X your profits without investing a fortune.

Upsell 3: Complete Reseller Rights ($97)

Sell it further and keep 100% of the profits
They have decided to do something we have NEVER done before & you need to pay close attention. This’s a mind blowing deal as they are providing RESELLER license to SociTrafficJet, and now you can SELL SociTrafficJet to anybody they want and they get to KEEP 100% of the PROFITS. You do not have to do anything, just collect your 100% profit & find a way to spend it.

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