Sprout Audience Review – Are you searching for more knowledge about Sprout Audience? Please read through my honest reviews about SproutAudience before selecting it, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?

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SproutAudience is new technology that bridges the gap between FaceBook ads, video &finally retargeting &is responsible for FOUR figures per day in sales.

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It drills down to 100% TARGETED traffic & completely cuts out people who never buy anything (wasted traffic & money).

SproutAudience builds laser-targeted customers for you in 2 ways:

  1. Using FaceBook video posts- The software pre-selects FaceBook’s native video player so you get MAXIMUM reach. Watch your customers grow faster than ever before.- Select one or more of FaceBook’s time milestones to easily create ultra targeted customers.- Yes, you can easily advertise these posts!
  2. Embed videos on your site/ecom stores

– Use ANY YouTube/s3 link (no upload required).

– Choose your own time milestone down to the 2nd to pinpoint EXACTLY the type of customer you want.

– Choose one of our beautiful video skins.

It works in 4 easy-to-follow steps:

  • Choose either the FaceBook video or Embed video campaign type
  • Choose how far into a video a viewer must watch (in seconds) in order for a custom audience to be created. For example, if you only want to run FB ads to people who view 30s into your video, you now can!
  • Watch your customers AUTOMATICALLY grow into laser-targeted audiences
  • Monetise these highly-targeted customers that boost conversions by over 300% & halve your FB ad costs.

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What’s Sprout Audience?

Sprout Audience enables you to run video clip behavioral retargeting campaigns on FB, for the first time ever. It works for FB native video clip(yes, you can run ads to these video clips) as well as embedded video clips on your site! The tool actually enables the user running the campaign to set time milestones for custom audiences to be created. For example, if a user creates a campaign inside of Sprout Audience, they can select “five seconds”, “30 seconds” and “45 seconds” (or as many custom time milestones as you want) and when a viewer hits that milestone, you will be added to the respective custom audience.This enable users to market to/retarget viewers who have seen certain parts of your sales videos/marketing videos. For example, if I only wanted to retarget users who had seen my sales pitch, I could do so by setting a milestone for exactly when my pitch starts. Sprout Audience then enables me to run ads only to people who have seen my pitch.

Sprout Audience

Sprout Audience Overview


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Sprout Audience Features

FB Video or Embed Videos on Your SiteSprout Audience Review1

Select whether you want to create custom customers from videos on FB or on your Site.

Create Your FB Post & Preview ItSprout Audience Review2

Enter your post or ad details & upload your video file to be posted to FB. A live preview is available on the right.

Or Create Your Campaign to Embed on Your SiteSprout Audience Review3

If you make an decision to rather run your campaign from your site, instead of creating a FB video, you enter your campaign name, along with a 3rd party video such as a YTube video.

Custom Customer Video MilestonesSprout Audience Review4

Choose how far into a video a viewer must watch (in a few seconds) in order for a custom customer to be created. For example, on the left, a new custom client will be created & populated with customers who watch 5, 10, 30, 120 & 500 seconds of the video. If you only want to run ads to people who view 30s into your video, you now can!

Custom Customers Automatically Develop into Targeted AudiencesSprout Audience Review5

Watch your automatically created custom audiences (based on your selected time milestones) develop as viewers reach your time milestones. In the example on the right, each time someone watches 10s of your video campaign, they’re added to that custom audience. The same happens when they watch 60s.

Monetize These Highly Targeted CustomersSprout Audience Review6

Monetize these extremely laser-targeted custom Customers based on how far into your video campaign they watched. Someone who watched up until 60s may have heard your sales pitch where as somebody who only viewed 10s may not have. Or somebody who views 300s is WAY more interested that someone who views only 20s.

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