StableHost reduces 75%

StableHost reduces 75%

Although the biggest global shopping festival has not yet come, form today, some products (especially in America) has started a campaign in order to open the massive discounts.

In particular, if being interested in the hosting / server, you now can conduct to buy a cheap host immediately at the StableHost with the cheapest price in the year – reduce 75% for new customers.

Reduce 75% for new customers


  • This code only has the term until StableHost gains 1000 new customers in this campaign, so it can void at any time, you should use it immediately for this reason.
  • This code is valid only when you purchase from more than one year.
  • This code just applies for new customers.

Reduce 40% for all customers

If you are an old customer of StableHost, also do not be too sad when you are not favored, because you can use the code below to get the reduction up to 40% for your order in this occasion.

Notice when you purchase host at StableHost

If you first buy host at StableHost, you should notice to declare your phone number in the customer information and it must be your true number, and must be declared with the format 001-4906547898 format (if your number is 0906547898). Since the purchase is complete, they will authenticate you via that phone number.


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