SyncLeads Review & Bonus – SHOULD WE GET IT?

SyncLeads Review  – Are you searching for more knowledge about SyncLeads? Please read through my honest reviews about SyncLeads before selecting it, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?


Sync Leads Info

  • Creator: Andrew Darius et al
  • Product: SyncLeads
  • Release Date: 2016-02-18
  • Release Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $27-$37
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: Software
  • LeadLock is the next step in the evolution of opt-in forms and lead magnets: See More Details


What is SyncLeads

SyncLeads is the easy & quick way to not only instantly transfer leads to multiple Auto Responders, webinar platforms, & membership software, all at the same time, but we’ve also added major leads ads cost saving & business building functionality on top of that.

SyncLeads lets you massively lower average cost per lead (CPL) with viral leverage of paid leads ads.


The SyncLeads software has a full set of built-in business building features, & needed integrations, to allow to take full advantage of multiple autoresponder and webinars and membership software leads submission, individual and mass coupon system, free viral leverage of paid ads, lead form subscribe action boosters, segmentation, rewards, contests, lead magnets, sweepstakes, surveys, free FB lead form distribution through complementary synergy app, & optional full leads backup protection (works with pass through only too)

  • Instant Multiple Targets Submit: Auto Responders, webinars, membership software, & most other web apps
  • Built-In Instant Coupon system for Unique and Mass Codes
  • Universal HTML integration with Almost Each Existing Auto Responder, membership software, webinar system, blog, web app and more
  • Mass Distribution for FB Lead Forms for FREE to Unlimited Fan pages with complementary synergy app
  • Average Lead Ads Cost Savings with Viral Leverage of paid and free Facebook lead forms through OptInUp integration.

SyncLeads Features

  • Double click / double tap on mobile

All they must do is to double click or double tap on your message, and you’ll get their FB verified email addresses.

  • Leads Ad Cost Saving and Business Building

SyncLeads lets you skyrocket both your subscription rate & instant sales with built-in coupon system.

It also lets you massively lower your average cost per lead (CPL) with viral leverage of paid lead ads, which allows you to get large number of free leads / each of paid lead, & to post FB native lead ad forms to unlimited FB fan pages without paying anything for them at all.

  • Works for both Paid & Free Lead Ads

Syncleads software works for both those who advertize on FB by using paid leads ad, & for those who prefer only free version of it.

  • Massive Free Distribution and Viral Mechanics

Not only SyncLeads complementary synergy app is able to take care of massive distribution of your free lead ad form to unlimited FB properties, but by using the second app with which SyncLeads is integrated with, you are able to put those leads forms on overdrive with viral mechanics, about which I tell you later in this video.

  • Future Tech Available Now

Now allows me to tell you exactly why SyncLead is way better technology than any other similar software out there, & why it can bring your business to next level regardless if you use paid, or free lead ad forms distributed by synergy app which comes with SyncLeads.

  • Not first or second generation app

Because most Auto Responders limit & often reject manually uploaded leads, & because prospects expect instant 1st reply to convert, lead ads where practically unusable for direct marketers without the FB-to-Autoreponder transfer app.

  • Very 1st 3rd Generation App

SyncLeads is the very 1st 3rd generation app, which is not just a pipe for leads flow, but gives a complete 360 marketing solution for FB lead ads on top of it.

  • Unlimited FB Accounts

Marketers who need unlimited FB accounts are both those who want to use Syncleads for separate brands, & Agencies who service customers FB advertisements needs.

  • Multiple Target Marketing Campaigns

Transfer to multiple targets it not only a convenient feature, but a real “must have” for removing limits on your marketing campaigns & on the way you engage & convert prospect.

  • Integrated with 99% Of The Web

On the other hand there, is an ocean of custom Auto Responders, webinar platforms outside of gotowebinar, membership software, blogs & other web software which are the other 99% of the web & for which either there is no API, or there isn’t enough users or development capacity to integrate with individually.

  • SyncLeads Technology Delivers

With the use of SyncLeads, prospect just double click / double tap on your lead ad form, and they’re immediately subscribed to your Auto Responder, free trial membership is created, & the prospect is added to pre-recorded webinar event.

  • Not Just A Pipe

Unlike almost all other FB lead ads apps, SyncLeas isn’t just a pipe, which just transfers leads from FB to target, but it also includes free of charge, optional full backup system for your leads.

  • Built-in Coupon System

Another great SyncLeads feature is a built-in coupon system, which lets you both build a list & make money at the same time.

  • Integration With Viral and Business Building App

That awesome exclusive feature of SyncLeads is full integration with our viral & business building new software platform OptInUp, which while independent, was launched together with SyncLeads.




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