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What Is The Evil Traffic Magician?

The Evil Traffic Magician showcases several powerful traffic techniques & gives a detailed plan on the way to use them to gain sales each month. The course details several different ways for getting targeted buyer traffic in any niche. It also shows them how many sales to expect from each way (and how much time to put into each).

We all realize that all our marketing efforts or campaigns go wasted time if we don’t get the right traffic to our offers that convert like crazy.

I personally believe in organic traffic & have been using the routine SEO traffic to make profit on-line, but once I found this brand-new traffic course, I was more curious to study more & so I dig deep & what I found was simply amazing & absolutely different from the routine Joe courses out there,

The Evil Traffic Magician Overview

Part 1:

Mind Reading For Magicians
All the Traffic in the world is useless if you are not getting traffic that is interested in your offer. In this section He will go through exactly the way they end up finding the right traffic using a Research Process that’s so systemized & Powerful that it seems like Mind Reading.

This section will get everybody in the program ready for all the traffic methods coming in Part two and three.The Evil Traffic Magician Review 1

Inside This Section you will Learn:

My Core Creation Formula
This took me four years to make & dial in correctly. Once you start using this powerful audience research formula you will know exactly why you have not been successful selling on-line in the past. You will have a better understanding of your potential clients than you have ever had before using this powerful step by-step guide.

The Audience Insight Trick
You will learn the easy, but power method that I begin to dig into my audience using a very powerful tool inside the Facebook Ad Interface. This is the beginning step to all of thing but where most people stop their research (and that is why they fail when they start driving traffic).

The SimilarWeb Trick
The second part of my audience research involved a powerful web-site called “similarweb”. We take everything we learned in the last trick & this takes it to the next level. When we are done with this trick we will be extremely dialed in (but we still have 1 more part to cover).

The BuzzSumo Trick
Once you knock out the other tricks you can use everything you have learned to dial in you audience once & for all. This last trick shows you all of thing you need to know to start using the ” Evil Traffic Tricks ” that’re to come.
When you get through this short & powerful session you will know your target audience better than you ever have. You’ll belong to the 5% of on-line business owners who actually ” get it” when it comes to their audience. This is essential to your success & you will have everything you need as soon as you go through this short section.

Part 2:
Paid The Evil Traffic Magician
In part 2, I will be taking your clients behind closed doors with some of the world’s top paid traffic magicians.

In each session your client is going to be able to spy on the magician as they hook me up with a paid traffic trick that no one else has ever seen before.

Some of the Paid Traffic Tricks We Give:

  • The Youtube Ads Stranglehold Trick
  • The Facebook Ads Ghosting Trick
  • The Banner or Bust Trick
  • The “Facebook Ads Robot” Trick
  • and A lot More…The Evil Traffic Magician Review 2

Part 3:
Free Traffic Magicians
In part 3, I will be taking your clients behind closed doors with some of the world’s top free traffic magicians.

In each session your client is going to be able to spy on the magician as they hook me up with a free traffic trick that no body else has ever seen before.

Some of the Free Traffic Tricks We Give:

  • The “John Forum Hancock” Trick
  • The WordPress Alarm Trick
  • The FB Inception Trick
  • FB Crowd Favorite Trick
  • The Content Marketing Triad Trick
  • The Five Dollar Alien Trick
  • The Birdsong TrickThe Evil Traffic Magician Review 3


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