Top 10 Best 2016 Laptops for Graphic Designers

Graphic design is considered as a demanding job that heavily relies on demanding software. For many years, desktop computer have been the only tool with the power to operate or run this kind of software. But recently, powerful laptops have become available in the market – thanks to technology that gradually develops lighter and faster. These are usually in form of gaming laptops, which are often heavy machines meant to replace a desktop computer.

It’s true that those laptops have the ability to run the software needed for graphic design work. However, they are not ideal due to their weight. In order to make things much easier for all the designers out there, we have compiled a reliable list of powerful laptops that are also ideal for all your graphic design needs.

Choosing the Best Laptop Graphic Designers

The best laptop to use for graphic design won’t be the usual or average laptop you can find everywhere in electronics stores and it’s not a tiny PC tablet – it must have certain powerful features. Most of these features are prized by graphic designers as well as gamers.

  1. Know Your Field

Not all work of a graphic designer is done in the office. You should always on the job and on the move. You need to be able to work effectively in the air, on the road, and certainly while at the comfort of your own home. Therefore, even though you need a laptop, you also need mobility. As you read our list, make sure to find the perfect balance between the best high performance laptop and the best lightweight laptop.

  1. RAM – Memory Mattersbest-laptop-graphic-designers2-compressed

If you’re a beginner to choosing a computer, keep in mind that the most important thing in a dependable laptop is RAM. You can start low at 4GB and then aim higher. The higher you should go, the more programs you’ll be able to run in the background. Just like gamers, graphic designers want lots of RAM.

The best gaming laptops usually demand a lot of RAM in order to keep its programs running smoothly and efficiently, and you will need to do the same for your graphics design programs. You can shoot for no less than 4GB as well as RAM that is not slower than DDR3 1600.

  1. Video Card (Graphic Card)

If you use your laptop for graphic designing, you can get away with a more affordable video card than gamers might demand. You can compromise on the video card if you want, but never on RAM.

Fortunately, graphic design does not require the same level of hardcore graphics card compared to what gaming laptops needs.

  1. More than Average CPUbest-laptop-graphic-designers1-compressed

Graphic designers will want a more than decent CPU – something with 4 cores or higher. Intel Core i7 or i5 is good. Haswell refers to 4th generation processors like those in the MacBook Pro 2014, which were a big step up from earlier Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge Intel processor lines.

To sum it up, Intel Core i5 or i7 are great. Furthermore, the more powerful the CPU is, the lesser time you will be wasting for your device to render designs.

  1. Screen Size – The Screen is Your Canvas

As a graphic designer, you need room to work. Definitely, you’ll regret it pretty quickly if you choose a laptop with a tiny 13” screen. It’s best to go for a diagonal measurement of at least 15” or even check out the best 17” laptops.

  1. Consider Portability

In the last few years, most laptops have become lighter and batteries last longer between charges. They have turned out to be more versatile that means you do not always have to sacrifice power for mobility and they have also become more portable, which is fun. However, if you do graphic design in a home setting or in an office, portability may not be a big consideration for you. Otherwise, if you plan to travel often, you should take the weight and size of the laptop into strong consideration.

  1. Color Quality

Depending on the kind of graphic design you do, reliable color quality might be way more important for you than for a typical gamer. IPS displays are usually better than older types.

And now, here are our Top 10 Best Laptops for Graphic Design in year 2016:

  1. Acer Aspire v17 Nitro Black Edition

Acer Aspire v17 Nitro is considered as the best laptop for graphic design as well as video editing. Its price is just amazing for its high quality performance features. I can say that this is one of the best products from Acer. This laptop has 17.3 inches (1920×1080) screen – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M. In addition to that, this great laptop has 16GB RAM, Intel core i7 processor, and 1TB hard drive, which are all essential features for video editors and graphic designers. Moreover, this laptop comes with Bluetooth 4.0, Windows 8.1 operating system, 2 X USB 2.0 ports and 2X USB 3.0 ports. Four built-in stereo speakers and optimized Dolby audio enhancements give this laptop an extraordinary sound quality. The weigh and the battery life of this laptop are pretty decent. Overall, we strongly recommend this laptop to graphic designers who are looking to buy the best laptop with high end features. So far, this is the right laptop for the right price.

  1. Lenovo Z70

Here is another great laptop for graphic design with high end features. However, the price is still cheaper compared to other competitive laptops available on the market. This laptop has 17.3 inches (1920×1080 pixels) LED-lit Screen, which is perfect for professional graphic design. Furthermore, this incredible laptop has 16GB DDR3 RAM, Intel core i7 processor, as well as 1TB storage capacity. These combined high end features give a big boost to this laptop – and you definitely would love to work with that! This comfortable and stylish laptop comes with Windows 8.1 operating system together with almost all the ports that you’ll need. In addition to that, this laptop has stunning audio quality speakers. Its battery life and weight is also good but not the best. Lastly, I recommend this laptop to any video editor or graphic designer who would want to buy a laptop with high end features. Since its price way more affordable by everyone, this laptop is worth a try with 100% confidence. It’ll offer more than what you pay.

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