Tracks Social Review & Bonus – SHOULD I GET IT?

Tracks Social Review  – For the first time ever, Paul OKeeffe giving you the exclusive rights to give away Social Tracks App to other IM, who can then give it away to their web-site visitors…
… enabling you to collect e-mail addresses from everybody who “activates” their copy of the Social Tracks App… creating a viral list building effect like never before.

As Paul OKeeffe said before… and a money-making asset that Google &  Facebook can not take away from him


Tracks Social Review and bonus

Tracks Social Overview

  • Vendor: Paul OKeeffe et al
  • Product: Tracks Social
  • Release Date: 2016-03-11
  • Release Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page: http://tracks.social
  • Niche: Software

Tracks Social Review-compressed

Here are 4 easy steps to get your first 100 subscribers by giving away Social Tracks App

  • Go to your favourite marketing forum, FB group or LinkedIn
  • Let other IM know you are giving them the right to give away this App to their visitors, or as a bonus to one of their products
  • Rinse &  repeat a couple of times, and then sit back & watch as IM scramble to get their give away copies
  • As people start entering their e-mail to “activate” the product, watch your list grow in real-time, right before your eyes!

Three Ways TRACKS SOCIAL Can Help You Today. Even If You Have No site, Traffic Or Skills

  • Build Your Email List

This unique software will grow your list on complete Autopilot. Imagine being able to giveaway software & it carries on working for you building more & more leads.

  • Make Passive Income

With advertising features built in, Tracks Social will send web visitors to your products or aff offer. All on complete auto pilot making a 100 percent passive income that works for you 24/7.

  • Reach More Clients

Tracks Social immediately let’s you reach more visitors & potential clients than ever before. With the viral nature of the software the more it’s shared the more you reach.

Truth is, there are a lot of ways to “ignite” this viral list building method…

… but remember…

You only need some marketers on-board to create a subscriber avalanche…

With a handful of marketers giving away the Social Tracks app, here is how fast you can build your list.

For example:

If just ONE marketer gives away 20 copies every day, that is already 140 FREE subscribers inserted to your list each week.

With 15 subscribers, all giving away 20 copies each day, that is 300 FREE subscribers/day…

… or 2,100 FREE subscribers inserted to your list each week!

That is 109,200 subscribers/year, on total autopilot.

And that, my friend, is the kind of list that can make you insanely rich.

So it is time to…

Stop giving away free reports that noone wants….

… & stop doing all the hard work yourself!

Now you can allow other people to build your list for you, by giving away a truly valuable, in demand app…

… while you accumulate emails from each user, & simply sit back & relax & you automatically grow your list on autopilot.

  • No complex product creation.
  • No landing pages.
  • No design tools.
  • No testing.
  • No paying for traffic.
  • No silly Google or FB rules.

Oh, & did I mention…

You are also getting a 2nd passive income stream too!

See this little ad right here?

That little ad is making me a sweet passive income on top of all the cash I am raking in from sending emails to my building list.

With your giveaway license to Social Tracks app, you can switch this ad out anytime you want…

… & earn a lazy passive income from your own offers, aff or CPA offers, or sponsored ads from advertisers.

When you connect this ad revenue with your list income, you could make you a full time income faster than anything you have seen before.

And I am so sure you can do this, I am offering you…


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