TrafiK Widget Review & Bonus – SHOULD I GET IT?

The TrafiK Widget Discovery Content Hub Is The New Web Blog 3.0

Looking for the next big thing? Then welcome to the future…

They will use the TrafiK Widget to instantly build, fill & amplify discovery content hubs that massively increase brand engagement, traffic & authority.

Recommendation content hubs or discovery content companies like Outbrain & Taboola place recommended content links beneath or next to articles or web blog posts on a given web-site that look like this below.TrafiK Widget Review 1 TrafiK Widget Review 2TrafiK Widget Review 3 TrafiK Widget Review 4

  • Something is changing in the social media world…FB & twitter are social utilities. They make it simple to connect with people of like-minded interest. However they do not encourage you to make content.
  • Yes you can tweet , update & upload photos and video clip but your ” street cred ” comes from being available & connected not being a maker. Fast foward to disruptors like Pinterest. Content hubs are different in an important way, they’re a new type of social network.
  • A Content Hub attracts a wide audience who flip through other people’s content without leaving your website, plus recommended content adds instant authority to website or blog making the recommendation.

The TrafiK Widget Discovery Content Hub Goes Beyond BloggingTrafiK Widget Review5

The Trafik Widget is a fully responsive discovery content hub that floats above any website or blog where people from different niches gather to share high quality content. The more content they share, exchange & trade, the more exposure they grab for their own content which drives more traffic back to their website.

Access your account anytime & share anything from your PC, mobile & tablet…

You make great content, they help you spread it.

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