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Luther Landro is here. Well… Listen this inspirational 3-Minute story to discover exact method & find out a rather unusual surprise I have for you today. It all began in the summer of 2004 when a young intern named Jeremy Stoppelman got sick with the flu & had a hard time finding recommendations for a local doctor. Frustrated with his experience Jeremy worked with friend to create a small email system. His friend & family could use to recommend local businesses to each other. Together, they built a website that became their own personal yellow pages complete with reviews & recommendations from friend in their community. Eventually they wanted to turn this small website into a real business.

But everyone seemed to reject their idea because at the time it was just made up of Jeremy’s friend and family sharing reviews together. Besides, who really needs another directory site when you have big websites like yellow pages? Yet Jeremy kept at it & the site continued to develop in his town. Eventually spreading into other nearby towns as people liked seeing recommendations for businesses close to home. Less than a year later… His website exploded in popularity by beginning out with a small, specific audience & slowly growing that audience across different towns. Their small website began to go nationwide. Soon, investors began pouring millions into this small directory website.

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In 2009, just 5 years after Jeremy began his online directory. Google made him an offer to buy the website for $500 million dollars. Soon after this offer was made, Jeremy received a personal phone call from another tech CEO who told him to: “stay independent & not sell out to Google Who was the CEO that told him to turn down the offer. Well, it was none other than the former CEO of Apple: Steve Jobs. & so Jeremy turned down Google’s offer. Only for Yahoo to come in & offer $1 Billion for The Local Directory website! Once again they turned the offer down. This small directory & review site became a publicly traded company in 2011. And today as a result of their determination & never giving in…

They’re a Multinational Corporation with businesses listed all over the world. Now you may have never heard this story before, but I am sure you have heard of this small directory site. In fact their name is actually derived from yellow pages, their big competitor. Perhaps you figured it out already. I am telling you the story of Yelp.com. Yes this multi-million dollar company began out as a small local directory. It became more popular than even yellow pages by beginning small & catering to a specific audience. Now I am sure you  will always remember that story.

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If you are like me, than nothing inspires you more than hearing about how the biggest online companies began out just like us with a small idea and enough courage to do something with it. That  is where my good friend Tom comes in. I will never forget that rainy evening when tom told me. Just how much he was making from his website after only 3 months. This website had 32 doctors’ offices paying him $497 a month to list their businesses with him. That is $15,907 each month right into his PayPal account. And perhaps the craziest part about it’s that Torn has only ever spoken to SEVEN of these doctors. The other 25 found his website organically. Because he was ranked right on the first page of Google when you search for doctors & dentists in Sedona

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