Unicorn Smasher Review

Find Perfect Product to Sell on Amazon with Unicorn Smasher

Selecting the right niche or market is the major success factor when it comes to sell on Amazon. If your selected niche isn’t profitable & does no’t have high demand, then it can be challenging to make good cash on Amazon.

The most common reason why people fail in making good cash over Amazon is that they do not do the proper research & due diligence before & during the whole process. You must ensure that the product you’re going to sell is profitable & has high demand. Besides that it’s also important to keep an eye on competition &  you can not do it all without right tools.

Unicorn Smasher a free Amazon product research tool is a must try for all those serious Amazon sellers who want to increase their profits. It’s a simple yet comprehensive research program that highlights all what you need to know in order to make more cash.

The list of features below can better explain how Unicorn Smasher saves your weeks & presents you the actionable items in real time.

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Unicorn Smasher in Their Own Words:

Unicorn Smasher is a 100% free Amazon product research program. With Unicorn Smasher you can instantly get sales & revenue estimations on entire niches, see average amount of reviews on products, see the bestselling variations, and save it all in a simple to use dashboard.

What brings Unicorn Smasher to the Spotlight:

Easiest product research on Amazon.

Product Overview

Unicorn Smasher is a simple to use Chrome extension. While browsing on Amazon you can now easily get the following information:

Sales estimates on any product (Revenue estimates)
Quickly see the number of reviews in a niche
Easily see the canonical URLs on products
See the number of variations (child products)
A super handy dashboard where you can save all your products
and a bunch more
Oh yeah, & did I mention it was free?

After comparing & reviewing the two softwares, Jungle Scout remains the better choice for users because it presents a lot more benefits as compared to unicorn smashers.

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