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Vid Central Review

Vid Central Review – How Almost Any Marketer With A Spare Minutes Can Create Devastating VSLs… That Dominate In Any Niche & Convert Like Crazy…Using Nothing But FREE Software, And 1 Embarrassingly Easy Technique Learned From A 3-Time World Champion Kung-Fu Master.

Please read my honest Vid Central review for more information!!!

Vid Central Review & Overview

  • Creator: Ryan Phillips
  • Product: Vid Central
  • Release Date: 2017-Apr-25
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $37
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: Video

What Is Vid Central?

Vid Central Review And Bonus

The templates in VidCentral have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of products & services. It does not matter what kind of niche you are in, or what kind of marketer you’re… these fill-in-the-blank templates are so easy to use they are actually GUARANTEED to work for you. They will work even if you have never created a video or written a video script in your life.

Features Of Vid Central

Video Creation For Each Sales Process
Right now there’re only info products that teach 1 video sales process – Vid Central is a central hub that trains MULTIPLE video sales processes for specific marketing outcomes.

The Most Complete Video Info Product To Date
They train how to create warm traffic VSL – cold traffic VSL – squeeze page video – demo video – JV recruitment video – product launch sequence video – upsell video – downsell video aff promo video plus more.

Fill In The Blank Scripts
They include fill-in-the-blank scripts for every video sales process to make the video creation process as easy as possible for you. They’re training you how to fish & giving you a fish at the same time.

Video Production
You won’t only learn how to create the video scripts for every sales process but you will also learn how to quickly & easily create high converting videos without ever having to be on camera.

Step By Step Training
Vid Central is a comprehensive course with a few hours of high quality content, covering how to use video for multiple online sales processes.

Increase Conversion On Any CTA
Follow along step-by-step to increase conversion in any online sales process from aff marketing to high ticket back end selling.

Mastermind Access
As part of the Front End product you’ll get access to their exclusive mastermind support group filled with marketing & video pros.

Each Video Sales Process
You’ll have access to a central hub where you’ll learn specific video creation strategies for marketing sales processes.

OTO 1 Live Action Academy
OTO 1 offers you the opportunity to learn how to create engaging live action video so you can make video like the JV video on this page.

OTO 2+3 Video Softwares
Their second & third OTO gives you access boost your video conversions with their StickiVID™ & interactr™ softwares.

The moment you log into Vid Central you will find out:

  • What to say, write & do for just about each conceivable video marketing strategy.
  • Why all the so-called ‘experts’ are dead wrong when they say “do not aggravate your viewers” (…when in fact getting your viewers ready to blow their stack is one of the most powerful techniques known to man when hunting down massive conversions – and you will learn why, how & where to do it).
  • The “it is done already?” short-cut for creating killer hooks that reels viewers in all the way to the sale.
  • What a “Smart-Why” is… what is so smart about it… and where you MUST use it to maximize your profits (… do not be fooled, this’s a tiny section of just 1 short template, but it is often the difference between bitter failure & huge success.)
  • How to fast double (or even triple) your profits with my “Better-Faster Technique”.
  • The only best thing about NOT being on screen in your videos (… and why you do not need to do any video recording yourself)
  • The “ONE Thing” to do that assists avoid failure, confusion & embarrassing conversions.
  • The unbelievably sneaky way to use time travel in your videos (…you Would love this if you had not already done it already).
  • Star quality—where to find it & how to use it to instantly build massive authority (Hint—you already have it in abundance, even if you think you do not).
  • Scared to fail? Do not be. See why your failures mean bigger profits.
  • The “3 Magic Ps” that each video needs to succeed that have NOTHING to do with your product, or your customer (… which is precisely why most people overlook these critical 3 steps)
  • How to earn 4, 5, even 6-figure profits using so-called “boring” videos.
  • How to make a filthy, dirty, “did you just make that in 2-secs?” power-point presentation that can regularly outperform supposed “pro-level” videos
  • The downsell template that squeezes each last dollar from of even the most stubborn clients (… WARNING: ensure you have got a great product because these particular templates are so effective you will risk a massive backlash of unhappy clients if your product is not everything you promise it is!)
  • 9 deadly efficient closes for any situation – including, “post-sells” (…and 1 close that is so reliable that he might actually leave out next time).
  • Why templates are more important than copywriting expertise… & the recording secrets that will make even the most experienced marketers stand up & take notice.
  • Plus, 1 little gem of a trick that works… & that is ALL he is saying about it.
  • Here is the truth: you probably already know dozens of people happy to pay you top dollar for the exact kind of videos that Vid Central allows you to make in just a few minutes.

Prices Of Vid Central

Now the Price is $37. After 5-days the doors slam shut while he ensures those on the inside get the experience they deserve. I hope you are one of them. When the doors next open, access to VidCentral will be $197. Enter Vid Central today & you are getting in at a huge discount. But I want you to take the next 14 days to test out your new templates. Pick a template. Fill in the blanks. SEE the results with your own eyes.
If you aren’t 100% convinced of their huge conversion power, simply email him any time during the 14-day trial period & he’ll refund you in full, without hesitation. You can even keep the templates. :))

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